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Artist: Public Enemy
Album:  Greatest Misses
Song:   Gotta Do What I Gotta Do

      I gotta do what I gotta do (uh)
        So who the hell is you
        To tell me how my song is wrong
        You don't know
        Layout & let the drummer go
        You think my rap's about stealin'
        But it's about feelin'
        Sometimes drug dealin'
        But few know how my flow
        Don't get the proper review
        I gotta do what I gotta do

        Do whatcha gotta do first
        Here go da verse
        I gotta do what I do best (uh)
        Kick da Nitti & Ness
        The danger zone
        They better leave me alone
        I got posse
        Lus the feds had better watch me
        I picked a bone wit' Arizona
        Droppin' kickin' a mission
        Wit' no permission
        I let 'em know why I did what I did
        I got dialogue
        Got 'em to even sing along
        & got the semiautomatic
        Tongue to da young
        When there's static
        They come & try to get some
        They had the nerve to call the president
        An' I wasn't hesitant
        To scream I was a resident

        So-called power of the people
        Lookin' for the truth
        Like guessin' my vest was never bulletproof
        I'm edgin' close to the line
        & it's fine time to know
        Why the hell & da f---
        I try to battle so
        Much to touch never feedin'
        A crutch to lean on me
        Excuses is weak
        That's why my look is mean
        To the devils 'bout God
        Another reason why it's comin' hard
        My intellect doin' wreckin' effect
        'Till it's through
        Gotta do what I gotta do

        I Gotta do what dey don't like
        'Cause I got a mike
        The more I push
        & the more you learn
        & dey burn, you get another turn
        To take the helm recreate
        The realm of leaders
        Not to say you never need us
        But in da mirror
        You can do it, it's so easy to start
        Yeah baby you can see it on
        A flow chart
        And just in case
        They ever get me in da middle
        Of things before I go
        You know I'm gonna take a swang
        Until dey give what dey never
        Gave I refuse to be
        A slave I hijacked
        The airwaves
        Let ya know the dirt
        Swept under the rug
        Give the brothers a pound
        My sisters a lil' bigger hugs
        My rat a tat comin' right
        & exact 'cause it's true
        I gotta do what I gotta do