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Artist: Public Enemy
Album:  It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Song:   Caught, Can I Get a Witness

        Caught, now in court 'cause I stole a beat
        This is a sampling sport
        But I'm giving it a new name
        What you hear is mine
        P.E. you know the time
        Now, what in the heaven does a jury know about hell
        If I took it, but but they just look at me
        Like, Hey I'm on a mission
        I'm talkin' 'bout conditions
        Ain't right sittin' like dynamite
        Gonna blow you up and it just might
        Blow up the bench and
        Judge, the courtroom plus I gotta mention
        This court is dismissed when I grab the mike
        Yo Flave...What is this?

        Get hyped, c'mon we gotta
        Gather around - gotcha
        Mail from the courts and jail
        Claims I stole the beats that I rail
        Look at how I'm livin' like
        And they're gonna check the mike, right? - Sike
        Look at how I'm livin' now, lower than low
        What a sucker know
        I found this mineral that I call a beat
        I paid zero
        I packed my load 'cause it's better than gold
        People don't ask the price, but its sold
        They say that I sample, but they should
        Sample this my bit bull
        We ain't goin' for this
        They say that I stole this
        Can I get a witness?

        Understand where we're goin
        Then listen to this, plus my Roland
        Comin' from way down below
        Rebound c'mon boost up the stereo
        Snakes in the morning
        Wake up, scared afraid of my warning
        They claim that I'm violent
        Now I choose to be silent
        Can I get a witness?

        C'mon get wit' it
        Something ain't right, I got to admit it
        Made me mad when I was on tour
        That I declared war on black radio
        They say that I planned this
        On the radio most of you will demand this
        Won't be on a playlist
        Bust the way that I say this: No Sell Out

        You singers are spineless
        As you sing your senseless songs to the mindless
        Your general subject love is minimal
        Its sex for profit
        Scream that I sample
        For example, Tom you ran to the federal
        Court in U.S. it don't mean you
        Yeah, 'cause they fronted on you
        The posses ready, Terminator X yes he's ready
        The S1Ws, Griff are you ready?

        They say that I stole this
        I rebel with a raised fist, can we get a witness?