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Artist: Public Enemy
Album:  Yo! Bum Rush The Show
Song:   Timebomb
        - Ridenhour - Shocklee -

        You go ooh and ahh when I jump in my car
        People treat me like Kareem Abdul Jabbar
        When I'm up to par, no matter who you are
        I betcha go hip hop, hurray or hurrah
        But the ahhs and ohhs is my kind of news
        Pop your tape in, put your car in cruise
        I never heard the boos, I never drank booze
        Cause I just rock the rhythm, left alone the blues
        The L.I. mystique, You sneak to peek
        A look and then you know that we're never weak
        I know you can't wait, it's never too late
        No fear I'm here, and everything is straight
        Cycles, cycles, life runs in cycles
        New is old, no I'm not no psycho
        The monkey on the back makes the best excel
        The people in the crowd makes the rock well
        The people in the back lets you know who's whack
        And those who lack, the odds are stacked
        The one who makes the money is white not black
        You might not believe it but it's like that
        When you come to my show, watch me throw
        Down with the other brothers toe to toe
        When you make a move, new not used
        And watch the bro here just bust a groove
        A fat lady soprano, loads my ammo
        And hear my jam, with a funky piano
        Easy on the wall but hard on the panel
        A fool smokes Kools cause he chokes on Camels
        In effect, the crew's in check
        Run by the posse with the gold around the neck
        Homeboys in heat, lookin' for sweet
        Ladies in the crowd so they can meet
        Somebody to body, makin' a baby
        Givin' it to grandma then makin' her crazy
        I'm a MC protector, U.S. defector
        South African government wrecker
        Panther power, you can feel it in my arm
        Lookout y'all cause I'm a timebomb
        Tickin', tockin', all about rockin'
        makin' much dollars while the crazy one's clockin'
        The rhythm, to shake the house downy down
        Bounce to the ounce, sound so crown
        The man, the enemy, Public King, no
        All fall to the force of my swing
        Like Ali, Frazier, Thriller in Manila
        A pinpoint point blank microphone killer am I
        No need to lie, got the Flavor Flave

        To prove ill win and if not the save
        I'll pick up, rack up - put your whole shack up
        Just choose to lose the bet, emcee stick up
        This is the wiz, but the mike's not his, it's mine
        One time let the star shine
        And I'm tellin' you, yelling at you you're through
        Don't think you're grown because your moustache grew
        I'm number one, you know it weighs a ton
        And I'll be the burger, you can be the bun, girl
        Surroundin', my steady poundin'
        Get, get on down to my funky sound
        And rock the rhythm rhyme, one time your mind
        Rhythm roll, two times control,
        the mauler and the caller of your doom
        And when I'm ready to leave, you're gonna know I go boom
        Three times y'all, rhythm rhyme and rock
        Then you'll that the D is on the block
        Four times y'all and never ever the whack
        It's the hour to the minute, time to blow BLACK