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Artist: Pete Rock & Camp Lo
Album:  80 Blocks from Tiffany's Pt. II
Song:   Intro
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Yeah! (Ladies and gentlemen..)
Live, for you and yours (Back by popular demand...)
It's 80 Blocks from Tiffany's
Yours truly, Pete Rock (The super...) group 80 Blocks~!

"Yeah, I've done a lotta things wrong
 I'm not gon' say I never done nothing wrong now
 Shit, nobody HERE can never say they never done nothin wrong
 You probably- Y'ALL couldn't never say you done nothin wrong, right?
 (Right...) Well then so, y'know hey... Before I got.. 
 Hey, I'ma about, I'm about like um the last... nomads that came in, y'know?
 And before that, y'know, I was just like a take-off artist, y'know
 I used to run around takin off people, throwin 'em thru windows
 and shit like that, y'know.. Beatin 'em up
 But me and Joe, see I knew Joe since me and Joe grew up together from school, y'know?
 And I moved around and I got down and I found Joe as the president of the nomads
 So I got down with Joe, y'know?"