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Artist: Pete Rock & Camp Lo f/ Talib Kweli
Album:  80 Blocks from Tiffany's Pt. II
Song:   Ladies and Gentlemen (introducing 80 Blocks)
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[Intro: Pete Rock]
Ladies and gentlemen.. introducing 80 Blocks

[Geechi Suede]
Infinity interlude, I'm in the mood
I'm a royal to auto, hit 87 on cruise
The Remy makin her ooze.. slip off ya shoes
Screen shootin a cinema through the lens of the tunes (OWW!)

[Sonny Cheeba]
To the {?} the rhythm machine, and they fall in
Freakish love pieces of a dream I'm recallin 
Kiss my double-barrel cause the B-G lean is clean
L.T.D. is Cheeba, +Unlimited Orchestra+
She addicted to Barry White, keep +Strawberry Fields Forever+
Pull a +Sister Sledge+-hammer if I ask
BX masked crusaders, and native Peter Parker
Meetin Layla in Washington, underneath the moon

"Ladies and gentlemen, we got EVVV'RY DAMN thang!
 Hell, we got plenty to drink! 
 Hell, we got wine! Beer! Whiskey! Gin!"

[Geechi Suede]
Pullin petals off a Bezel, switchin levels on the lake
and globetrottin, candy cotton and we knockin while we leavin
And I tell you like I tell 'em from the Vernon to the Pelham
We gon' spill it on 'em... tonight

[Sonny Cheeba]
The soul combination, backed up by Apollo show band
A nation of millions entered the Tiffany's filling
A shine of Sly Stone's linen cord-ioco
Let's coast to the Kokomo, and take it slow, take it slow

[Talib Kweli]
Slow sippin like whiskey inside of my cup
Get her liquored up and I betchu Tiffany cut, yep!
It's bugged out how they admiring the siren
and never {?} the sound and tryna get up inside 'em
Describin it so violent, THAT'S how you turn 'em off
These niggaz calories, you dancin just to burn 'em off
Word is bond, I see her leanin 'em on
Then blowin the Lena Horne so they relieve 'em of they seed of they spawn
See that cherry, ya poppin it like molly
Sorry, pardon my French like Les MisÚrables
or the Marquis de Sade by the pleasure and the pain
I forever remain paid, I got, cheddar on the rain
And it's never the same thing, Brooklyn love the ring
like Riddick Bowe, watch me climb up out of your pigeon hole
Leave 'em knock-kneed to pigeon toe
Singin my praises like, "Figaro! Figaro! Yeah this nigga though!"

[Outro: Pete Rock]
80 Blocks... mixtape part two
80 Blocks from Tiffany's
Yours truly, Choc Boy... Pete Rock
Geechi Suede, Sonny Chee', uh..