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Artist: Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun
Album:  Monumental
Song:   Monumental
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[Verse 1: Tek]
I let the music talk to me, I reply to the mike
Who relays it to the board and tells the engineer record
He matched me to the track like the leaves of a tree
We beautiful together like the L and the V (Louie)
My bond to the music, living for the people
You can hear our conversation through the speakers (Hear me)
Ten stacks of ink in my flesh
Spend money, get money, your boy ain't done yet
Dropping in the drop, six forty-five
The AC on, heat forty-five
I'm hood tested, streets approve
A gemini with many moves (That's me)
I could change the colors in your ring
My Italian boys ba da boom, ba da bing (forget about it)
My work ethic is epic
You don't have to like it but you will respect it

[Chorus: Tyler Woods]
Celebrate till we are on top of your girl
Look at your summer, I'm on top of the world
I sit on the set, this time it's a bet
Anything I want, you know I could get
I'm high off of life, doing it right
Empire state, view of the lights
Put your glass in the air, the sky's the limit
Make a toast cuz we here, you know how we did it
(It's monumental)	

[Refrain: Tyler Woods]
This is for the hustlers, this is for the homies
Ride through the hood with me
This is for the soldiers, this is for the riders
This is strictly for my Gs

[Verse 2: Steele]
Peep the chemisty, I'm a scientist
You see the imagery, I envision what power is
I'm a novelist, known scholars acknowledge this
Home grown, yea Tone about his biz
You know what it is, fam first, vow to my nig
See the future every time I look at my kids
Monumental, influential, incidental, them boys official
She how they do over instrumentals, became artists
The game start them
We train hard like heavyweights in the Garden
Remain humble, the jungle tear you apart
When you're tired on your carpet, cold in your apartment
It can happen to you, it can't happen to me
I stay on top of my game, keep an ear to the streets
Keep an ear in the streets, you can hear and repeat
Leaving truths for the youth, you can follow my feet

[Chorus: Tyler Woods]

[Pete Rock]
Sometimes, I be in the studio, just zoning out
Relaxed and writing lyrics down each day and out
No doubt, I used to run around NY but never without
The inspiration of hip hop before I head out
Rest in peace to Mr. Magic
If it wasn't for Herc or [The Incredible Bongo] Band, we wouldn't have this
It's hard to get rid of me like a bad habit
Your thoughts I can read them like X-Men, embarrassing
Pete is ever lasting, consider me a high dose for aspirin
Soothing to the dome, haters, get off my throne
I'm in the zone, don't stop me
It's like tenth-round, Apollo Creed and Rocky, I stick and move
And stay true to what's real
Like the Price is Right, turn back the spinning wheel
Pete Rock, he been around, doing hip hop for sound
I make history leap every single bound
I'm no clown, I get it in, you already know
From the grill of Pete Rock, niggas act like you know
I'm no clown, I get it in, you already know
From the grill of Pete Rock, niggas act like you know
It's monumental

[Chorus: Tyler Woods]