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Artist: Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun f/ Sean Price, Styles P
Album:  Monumental
Song:   That's Hard
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[Intro: Sample from Earl Sixteen "No Mash Up Dance"]
Di dread at di control, international, control all thru di world 
Nuh version we martial we nuh partial 
We play nuff bwoy selections without objection!!!

[Styles P]
Two rudeboys!!! Tek and Steele whattup I love y'all

[Pete Rock Scratchin]
Styles P!!!

[Verse One: Styles P]
I ain't tell you that I'm local brother (Yeah!) 
I keep the Tek and Steele like the Cocoa Brovaz
My niggas still Smif-N-Wessun to me (MY G!!!)
Hard headed to God bodies, couldn't teach a lesson to me
Aqui's couldn't reach me, neither could the church boys
I was outside with a gun movin that work boy (I was outside!)
Whattup natty head, bull head, beard men
Some niggas sizzlin us we can't sear men
A fried to a frickaseed, and I'm no Wiccan
So I don't wear roseries or thicker beads
No crosses, no Bible or Qu'ran, just survival on my mind
With a gun up on my palm
All spiritual nigga, I'm all lyrical
Dyin to come back I'm the ghost of all miracles (GHOST!)
I told them I could stare at Medusa (I could!) 
They think that I'm high but I'm really tryin to stay in the future and shoot ya!!!
Nigga! Ghost!

[Interlude: Pete Rock Scratchin]
G-G-G-'Gon take that shit out of somebody...somebody <- Richard Pryor

[Verse Two: Tek]
And now the D.A. wanna chase
Cause the way I beat the case was a slap in the face
And now we lookin like an asshole
Hotter than tobasco, tryin to stop the cash flow
But I'm cooler than the other side of the pillow
You wanna give me ends that end with a zero
And it's a trap tryin to get rich
You got rats, and all types of bullshit
The connect's slow (the connect's slow) 
Or the money's short (or the money's short)
Or they want a play (or they want a play) 
For the shit they brought (for the shit they brought)
Better stop buyin in them rations
Multiplied then divide into fractions
Got opportunities to go global
Heard a click, and switched the chip in the mobile
Shake the feds off my coattails
Tell the little homie who the C-4 to remotes sell
Now that's hard

[Interlude: Pete Rock Scratchin]
T-Track like this, would a neva miss!!!

[Verse Three: Sean Price]
Listen, a lot of wack niggas rappin out and I know why
One cornball pop so the rest wanna go try
All praises due to Allah, no bow tie 
Whole families stay Stone I'm so Sly
Cry now cry later no laughin, cocaine hills in the crib so Aspen
No actin, Bokeem Woodbine 
Blow caps back and your whole damn team died (P!)
Slave master, I sell white girl
I don't eat ham motherfucker I might hurl
Sean Price, I got the murder flow
Rap president through the world, Kurtis Blow
Don't give a fuck about nobody I hold shotties
Upstate New York is where I throw bodies
Sean grimey nigga
Rape you make you sing it again Ron Isley nigga
Now that's hard!!! Fuck outta here!!! P!!!!

[Interlude: Pete Rock Scratchin]
Yeah, 'cause I know niggas ready to kick ass <- Richard Pryor

[Verse Four: Steele] (Tek)
Yeah, I remember when the bars is hard
Now rap cats play guitars, singin songs for broads
(Video vixens) She follow the stars
Say she wanna be a Barbie doll, Nicki Minaj
(What's Happening Now) No Re-Run or Rog
When you hear that clappin sound, won't be no applause
I don't be with bodyguards but my body is God 
Body everybody that's in the squad
Bottom line is my sig-na-ture
You're, miniature, you're a caricature
I don't listen to y'all, rather listen to Sean
Pete told me FUCK rap and get the missles and bombs
Don't get involved with niggas' riffin in songs
I don't battle rap, I rat-a-tat in middle of war
Stripes and bars cover the scars, denim
With stone wall, chrome 4' cover the palm, and that's hard {*echoes*}

[Outro 4X: Pete Rock Scratchin]
"Smif-n-Wessun got classic flows"
"GHOST!" "Styles P" "G-Good ol' New York rap" 
"Sean Price the best rapper"