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Artist: Pete Rock f/ Lords of the Underground
Album:  NY's Finest
Song:   The Best Secret
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(Pete Rock scratching "The Lords!")

DoItAll home ladies & gentleman here we go
move through the urban streets 4x4
When the terrain is rough I put the pedal to floor
I'm too fast for ya'll, y'all escargot
pardon my demeanor but my walk is more meaner
and I kick on track heel toe ballerina
but I ain't no dancer, I spread like cancer
If you askin' about hip hop then DoItAll's the answer
Pete do you hear how I'm talking to these youngsters?
Born a nice guy but now I'm so such a monster
Lord Gang in the building, all run for cover
Pete Rock's so clever & Lords here forever
put that all together watch us flow like rivers
this here thing gone stop? It will never!
Imma say this like this cause this how I see it
It's Lords & Pete Rock We the best kept secret!

Chorus: (Pete Rock adlibbing)
Keep it to your yourself if your listening, Lords move your body like adrenaline
Pete Rock please bring the rhythm in cause ain't nobody out there quivelin'
The secret, the secret, the secret, we the secret
the secret, the secret, the secret, the best secret!

[Mr. Funke]
This is Lord Gang, planet of the apes
Here to serve niggas run & get your plates
This is Funke man let's get it straight
I'm still nice so if you a hater then hate
Me & words work together like osmosis
make it hard to breathe like you got tuberculosis
Why they call you Funk man? C'mon you all should know this
cause I breathe funke simple chronic
haletosis, there will never be another like me
for years I've watched niggas tryna spit like me
Yeah I hear you dog (Even try to riff like me!)
I'm raps Eddie Kane, you biters are all lame
When did it become cool to share names?
Haven't told the rules or parametes, who are these amateurs?
Posing for cameras, looking like idiots
this used to be glamorous, what an embarasment


[Pete Rock]
Been on a lotta tours, seen a lotta whores
groupies frontin' like good girls but really whores
Recieve a round of applause after remarkable feats
I use the MPC to make y'all this heat
My name's Pete & I make the crowd rock
And I like moving in the whip with a loud knock
This is why, this is why, this is why I'm hot
I'm not MIMS but music's been my savior
Let 'em reminisce or give them something to saviour
or for nonsense they captivated
The whole damn music industry is saturated
And looking back on them years, yup
I'm glad I made it, I reminisce I reminisce
yeah I'm glad I made it now that's my favorite
Only to tell these dudes what's real
cause half of these dudes that's real these dudes that squeal
And the life is ill, so don't take it for granted
I thank the most high God for my son on the planet


(Pete Rock scratching Lords)

"Underground's my style!"
"The Lords! x4"
"Underground's my style!"
"The Lords! x4"