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Artist: Pete Rock f/ Papoose
Album:  NY's Finest
Song:   Comprehend
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[Chorus: Pete Rock]
If the world comprehended at the same level all sense would be common
Some will late bloom some have impecable timing, I said I did it with precision
And please dont try to duplicate this rendition (x2)

I'm the mixtape artist of the year, hip hop quotable of the month
I'm the DVD most promotional on the front
Most call me Papoose, you could call me
what you want every Thursday, the Drama Hour
I opened up when that storm hit the south and New Orleans sunk
Me and Kanye the only MC's who spoke up
Taught you how to play monopoly, rise from the streets
Who am I? I'm the hip hop police - they was undercover
But I made them look obvious now they some lost souls
they souls is bodyless from chest to hustle hard
You heard that track? (I heard that)
God damnit I brought Green Lantern back
I'm the female rapper's favorite male rapper
Dropped 10 mixtapes, I gave y'all chapters
Say my name when you sneeze, Pap it's a blessing
and honor to be in this session Pete Rock is a legend

[Chorus] - 2X

I'm the callin' the stress of a guns melancholy
high watchin' the judge objectify me
I ever get wet I'm hopin' the sunset will dry me
real thugs will come clever wisely, I was always ahead of myself
So now I'm one step behind me
when it comes to thoroughcation my son's reppin' lively
Even momma's boy carry they guns next to mommy
they got jails with more sales than omni
These funny dogs say money talks
none of my funds never polly, copt one lick shot
None of my tongues never tie me
shotgun gun shots spread when they plunge from the shotty
I doubt if the suns ever try me
cause all my niggas got bodies on they guns
Guns on they bodies
These hard punks want what they battery charged up
Claim they got big balls yet they really large cunts
since it's everyday war when I spark up
I mix the green weed with brown & smoke a camoflauge blunt

[Chorus] - 2X

"Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!"