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Artist: PHD (Poet & Hot Day)
Album:  Without Warning
Song:   Set it Off
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Hot Day set it off!

[DJ Hot Day cuts]

Well I'm the Poet about set shit off
And all the microphone you know I get off
Rappers be warned that I'm not a joke
And if you fuck around, you might get something broke
I'm always prepared for warfare
And you can tell by the gear that I choose to wear
Timberlands, army pants, black hoodie
Strapped with a rap like that of a nine milli
I set it off when I want some action
There's always a rapper waiting for a waxin
Every MC: beware!
Poet's here and I just don't care
Back to attack and I'm on a mission
I mop up the stage with competition
So you're the competitor? I'm the predator
You want to get beat? Tell your manager to set it up
So we can go at it, you'll be splattered
And when I'm finished, you'll be another Poet addict
Strung out, all the rhymes I rung out
For even saying you can win, I should rip your tongue out
Nobody comes close, no matter how much they boast
They went gold but I still burn them like toast
I eat MC's and wash them down with a forty
Try to riff and I fuck you up shorty
Now you know it, the Poet is mo' betta
I'ma chill and leave it up to Cormega
Set it off

[DJ Hot Day cuts]

Mega is scientist, metaphor analyst
Predator, I set it off like a terrorist
I accelerate like a four wheeler
And Hot Day supplies the bass like a drug dealer
I'm a architect and I spark the set
Like the Jamaican Posse flipping and marked for death
You're not ready for prime time, whenever I rhyme
I'm superior deteriorating your brain area
Busting your interior and exterior
Ripping the area like a pit terrier
I'm insane, Mega inflicts pain
I set it off like soldier in Fort Maine
Mutilate, assassinate and flip
My technology is like a microchip
Mega mic prototype
I kill static like Illmatic Ice
My device has long clip of infrared light
My brain's evil like the antichrist when I'm hyped
I leave the fucking mics smoking like bass pipes
Your crew gets bumrushed
My sound waves kick down the door like TNT in a drugbust
Cormega can never be imitated
Motivators fear the poetry I generated
When women get intimitated, I hit it
I get mega pussy, like in abortion clinic
It's mandatory, I'm self-explanatory
Don't front on me shorty, your man is working for me
When in effect I pull Tec and get wreck
Then step 'cause I'm Goodfella exec
Generator when strap rap activator
Terminator similar to Schwarzenegger
I deceive and disarm MC's
Living in suspended animation, your brain cells freeze
My mind designed like 'Nam
And I'ma let all proegees step off when I set it off

[Dj Hot Day cuts till the end]