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Artist: Phonte f/ Sy Smith
Album:  Charity Starts at Home
Song:   Dance in the Reign
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[Affion Crockett]
Alright man, let's get this show on the road, man
I done said enough, man I gotta go to the bar 
and get another beer and shit, f'real {*laughs*}
Comin up to the stage first, to set this whole shit off
("Let the show, begin")
[Intro: Phonte]
All systems go...(Yeah)
Uh, thank y'all so much, thank y'all for listening
It's Phontigga, and I do this all for HIP-HOP!
..I'm lyin like shit, I do this shit for my goddamn mortgage, nigga
My bills, fuck am I foolin?
New Tigallo, new Tigallo, new Tigallo
Stand clear!
You are not a man if you cannot stand here
Phon-tigallo make the song cry grown man tears
with the Bull City flow off the corner of Alston and Angier
Sex symbol rap, you niggas is Pam Grier
We, throw 'bows like Bill Laimbeer
Plant fear the first time around, no +Do-Overs+
Where the FUCK is my glass of sangria?
Get a sip, then get another sip
Then go back to the mothership and tell them I'm on that
separate excrement, yeah that other shit
Run and tell mother it's clearly not your time yet
'Cause  you to me is Dr. Seuss to a Steinbeck
A pro with the prose, what a concept..
Ehaha, and I cut this shit in half 'cause I ain't feel like waitin
They say err'ybody got a story, so here's mine
It ain't heartbreaking, because I've taken
the sour +Grapes of Wrath+ and made Cheerwine
They didn't see shit, nigga I feel fine
You know that I'm real, ten years still here
No worse for the wear, nigga I'm ill
And I'm still, top notch
You niggas is better off playin hopscotch in a minefield
Better off warrin in the jungle with no camouflaging
Suicide mission, straight sabotagin
Flow so addictin it's like habit formin
Flow hair-raisin/hare raisin, it's like rabbit farmin
Peter Cottontail hoppin over beats 
or rockin acappell's since the days of Akinyel', nigga 
("Right now we represent")
Yo, I'm back in the kitchen with a silk apron
Let dat boy sauté!
I said, "Let me know the troubles on your mind, youngblood
and Lord willin, me and you will solve them"
He said, "Tay, I worry about you in the rap game"
I said, "Muh'fucker, go and get a REAL problem"
Please beg pardon, but I'm not starvin
This rap shit is not the life I live
It's a tool that I use, that's it
No great fortune to show for it but fortunate
that no one can say his life ain't his
Some might even say underachiever, 'cause they are not believers
That I don't want the world, but I done SEEN the world
And if you ever saw it, hell, you wouldn't want it either
I don't need a kingdom, just want a home
You can take a seat, or you can take the throne
As long as it is known ain't a damn thing changed
Still the underground king, nigga dance in the reign - holla!
[Chorus: Sy Smith] (Phonte)
I feel so glad that I made it, I couldn't ask for moooooooore
(One, time, one, time, one, time, one, time, yeah)
This world is yours for the taking, what are you waiting foooor?
(One, time, one, time, one, time, one, time, yeah)
[Outro: Phonte] (Sy Smith)
{"North Cak-a-laka and.." - Charlie Brown}
Aiyyo, shout out to all my peoples
Y'all know what it is, yessir! Hey!
(This world is yours for the taking, what are you waiting foooor?)
{"North Cak-a-laka and COMPTON, checka-"}