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Artist: Phonte f/ Elzhi
Album:  Charity Starts at Home
Song:   Not Here Anymore
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Yo, 9th Wonder.. Phontigga.. 
"Charity Starts at Home
New Tigallo, new Tigallo, new Tigallo, new Tigallo 
("Love don't..") Yo..

Went to the well and made a wish
Pray to God I stay around, Tigallo love to throw his weight around
on the same scale they weigh the fish
It's just what it seems, +Sweet Dreams+ are made of this - Holla at me 
If you EVER been a underdog or set up a upset
Standin on the verge of your success
Steady bearin your soul, to the world you undressed
Surrounded by your suc-ces-sors and the whores you ain't fucked yet
That's how I was gettin it, I don't need the limelight
That's young nigga shit, I'm a O.G. and the G is for gentleman
Yes, Phontigga spit +Amazon+ flame, watch 9th re-+Kindle+ it
'cause I pad verses with the wisdom of my innocence lost
Two brothers, two peas in a pod
Two comeback seasons apart, take it back to when I be in the park
then rhyme 'til I couldn't see in the dark
So silly niggas better be on ya guard
Long as breath is in my being, I'ma be on my job
with good music, got that good feel, a good meal: 
Leafy greens, two veggies, protein and a starch - and I'm out

[Chorus: Phonte]
Right where I thought I'd be
It's another part of me
And the world's so sad to see
that I'm not, here anymooooore

Wind blowin through the trees
Blue Bull City skies, 70 degrees
Tay embodies a architect and when he rhyme about it
He body the whole alphabet, so bury me a G
My mama say she done enough worryin for me
So I'm done currying, favor what you niggas +Groundhog+
and spittin that same shit, y'all Bill Murraying
My D.C. niggas say, "You 'bamas lack expurrience"
Carolina on my mind like Steve Spurrier
I'm the currier, carryin the word that with these verbs
That nigga Phonte's a little murderous
See a little nervousness, and a frown 
'cause you know deep down you ain't nice, just a little courteous
You just runnin game nigga, we the fuckin tournament
You a temporary visa to a fuckin permanent, resident
Citizen, it's evident the denizens
took over the big house on some Nat Turner shit
Shoulders back, hair tied to the fuckin firmament
Can't be like us, and fear no man
Niggas bleed like us, get a fuckin tourniquet, nigga~!


Check, I'm poetic while they po-thetic
I play they life like a movie and in the end, give 'em no credit
I was told to run it, so I grip the baton
and spit magic like it's pourin out the tip of a wand
Don't trip, you ain't equipped to fix ya lip and respond
I plan to, X you out like the man who, hand you and script the Koran
Since life flipped, I'm gettin chips in Milan
Pull dips, push whips like the one from the clips in the Tron film
I blow your mental mass where your mind stem
Like a nine M-M right at your line trim
You must rewind him, the syllable sensei
Then bring you to ya knees the way, biblical men pray
or whores in a brothel, 'cause I spill ill from the grill
like one who reveals sores from they mouth hole
And if you only knew the shit that I been through
to paint the type of pictures my pen drew
Your label tries to fuck you, your friends screw, you over, now you sober 
Watchin bad energy affect the evils that men do
They fuckin see-thru, I'm a sick flow-er that carry lines
like when you click over on you dick blowers and it sucks to be you

[Chorus w/ ad-libs]

I'm not, here anymooooore
I'm not, here...