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Artist: Phonte f/ Carlitta Durand
Album:  Charity Starts at Home
Song:   Sendin My Love
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[Intro: Phonte]
Look... You know that so many people be askin me like,
"Man, how do you do it? How do you stay happy in love?"
Ehehe, I think it's really just a state of mind
I mean, I know single men that would kill for a home-cooked meal
I know, married men that'll kill for a quiet house
Haha shit it's just, it's just all depend on your perspective
Youknahmean? Ain't nothin' perfect

Yo, my mind in another zone, and voice in another tone
Arguin about some shit rooted in some other shit
Long story short, it was a night that I ain't feel like comin home
So I hit the streets, to a couple places I ain't hit for weeks
Saw a pretty girl, kissed her cheek - mwah, say magnifique
She favored my ex, some harmless flirtin
A total diversion, but sometimes that's all
a nigga need to get from one day to the next
She's placin her bets, and payin respect
Next thing, we walkin out and I'm payin the check
Aw man..

[Chorus: Carlitta Durand]
No pretending, baby I'm sending
Sending, all my love to you

Here she goes again, I can feel her eyes closin in
It's like a rigged game, but how the fuck am I supposed to win?
The O.G. say, "Cheer up" 
But wifey wants a scholar and a traveler 
Hunter and a gatherer, and after I capture her 
Now I gotta put +MY+ spear up?
Man, I don't fear much
But the thought of losing her hits me in the tear ducts
Too much honesty ahead, get earplugs
Something in the way society rears us
Commitment wears us, out it tears us, apart
and makes us feel we don't need to
and that turns into "I don't need you"
People want what grandma and granddaddy had
But the ain't have options, nigga, we do
and we choose, to act foolish
Not Jewish, but when you hurt a man, baby he bruise/He-brews
Can barely handle one, I don't need two
Really don't wanna run, but I need to
I need to...Lemme get outta here

[Chorus 2: Carlitta Durand]
No pretending, baby I'm sending
Sending, all my love to you
No pretending, I am defending
Sending, all my love to you

[Bridge: Durand] (Phonte)
Sending, all my love to you (Oh yeah, yeah)
Sending, all my love to you (Yeah, yeah)
I am defending (I wanna send it on home)
Sending, all my love to you

[Outro: Phonte]
Lemme just take it on, take it on to the house
C'mon, c'mon Tigallo, be strong
Be strong, Tigallo! Be strong, just take it home
I know she get on your nerves sometimes
But man, you got a good woman at home, man
Just go home, it-it-it's 'bout 4:30
Ain't nothin open this time of night but legs and hospitals
Just go home, just take it on home
Martin Luther King did not die for niggas to be trickin off on HOES, nigga
Just, just take it home (all my love to you)
You the upstanding family manm you got a good thang, man
C'mon Tigallo, c'mon Tigallo, be strong
Be, be real strong
I-I mean nigga, be REAL strong
N-Nigga, be STRONG..
...tss, the fuck?