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Artist: Phonte
Album:  No News Is Good News
Song:   Euphorium (Back to the Light)
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There once was a man who would cry out his eyes
Laughing and singing his sorrow, tomorrow and time after time
Somewhere lost in his mind, back at the scene of the crime
Walking in search of a friend for the night
Between a rock and a quarry, oh sorry but you're not my type
I won't put up a fight, please lead me back to the light

Please lead me back...

Back to the light
Back to the track with a knack for your type
Flashback to my black bachelor life
That I left in the past with +The Passion of Christ+
A massive assassin on past international nights
Fuck your feelings, we ain't talkin 'bout fear
And no my niggaz ain't talkin 'bout beer
when they say that they got a taste for a +Natural Light+
Don't let your impulse make you a slave
Don't let it take you away to a place with an ace
and a spade, where you ache for the sake
Making in a year what they make in a day
Locked in a cage with your generational rage (yeah)
Hate generates renegades (yeah)
Showin they ass to the crowd (yeah)
cause they can't take it to the stage
Been feeling real good man, when I see myself
First time in my life feeling like I can finally be myself
Cashews on special, shit I might treat myself
I drop science not history, bitch~! I don't repeat myself
Nigga be mad I said it, y'all niggaz not gon' set it
Y'all niggaz wait for permission to engage, muh'fucker I been wedded
In your DNA, I'm embedded, rap game Sallie Mae, y'all indebted
Pray to the Lord for a course that'll feed me, long as it leads me
(Please lead me back to the light)

Please lead me back to the light

[Outro: ?uestlove]
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