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Artist: Phonte f/ Eric Roberson
Album:  No News Is Good News
Song:   Find That Love Again
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[Intro: Phonte] (Eric Roberson)
Yo, yeah
Uh, yeah, yeah
We gon' let it breathe up top, yanahmsayin?
Yeah (Got to find that love again)
Hey, uh, keep it goin...
Yeah, yeah, just in case you and your partner wanna show out, yanahmsayin?
Hehehe, ?UJ and Monica?, waddup? Yeah...

Feelin good, feelin great, how are y'all doin?
It's no debates, no hot-takes or arguin
It's both a science and an art to it
Givin you my deepest thoughts while y'all feel like you ballroomin
Back when my nigga Fatin was bumpin Cross Movement
And my brother Eccentric was still a law student
I used to jump in the whip, throw on a beat and write bars to it
and get sharp to it all summer long, like I'm doin martial arts to it
It was my mental training, it's insane
Pursuin a dream and then all love is lost to it
Now I think about my pops, wishin I could have a talk to him
or walk to him, anyone you miss, you'd say the same
Now on to lighter thangs, let's start movin
Comingback to this spot was a long shot
But nigga, what's a long shot to a sharp shooter?

[Chorus: Phonte] (Eric Roberson)
Something that's on my mind, it's something I gotta find and I
(Got to find that love again) Yessir, 1-2, witchu
Yo, said it's something that's on my mind, it's something I gotta find and I
(Got to find that love again) One time, one time

My mans told me I was in a rare set
of those who made it to the other side
Truth be told, I don't really know if I'm there yet
The higher I go, all I'm seein is stair steps
A never ending cycle, if you ain't aware yet
I'm like slow your roll, my capacity's at an overload
I know my lane, I know the ledge, I know the role
That other bullshit's kinda low on the totem pole
A fine life, it ain't like we stressin
Eyes planted on my own paper like we testin
Like we guessed it, if not us, on who do we depend?
I started questioning everything I'm believin in
Now that it's over, feel like I can finally breathe again
I hope this record finds you if you ever need a friend
Seven years ago, these stories I wouldn't dare tell
That's all for now, farewell until we meet again


[Outro: Phonte]
("See me shining!")
To my mans ?uestlove, that's wassup
Big Pooh, that's wassup
My brother 9th Wonder, that's wassup
Yeah, one two, yo...
Yeah, and my mans Big Dho, that's wassup
DJ Harrison, that's wassup
Yo, Boss Bill, that's wassup ("See me shining!")
Yeah, one time, yo, my man G Yamazawa, that's wassup
My girl Bosco, that's wassup
And to my momma, that's wassup ("See me shining!")
Aight, yo check it out, yo...
My brother Erro, that's wassup
Royce Da 5'9", that's wassup
And Domo Genesis, that's wassup ("See me shining!")
Yeah, yeah and to my mans Kaytranada, that's wassup
Conway the Machine, that's wassup
And Your Old Droog, that's wassup ("See me shining!")
Yo, yo...