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Artist: Phonte
Album:  HOJ Holiday Jam (s)
Song:   HOJ Holiday Jam
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[Intro: Phonte]
Oh boy, what is that?
Is that reindeer on my roof?
Ahh yes, another year
Another time to spread family cheer
And as for you, my dear...
Take this, you trifflin BITCH!! OH!! YES!!
Once again, ladies and gentlemen!
We back one mo' time, oh! It's the HOJ Christmas Jam
But can I say Christmas? I don't wanna discriminate
against any of our brothers of any other faiths
So I just wanna make this a Happy Holiday Jam
to each and every one of y'all, no matter where you're at
This is for all the love, for all of my people out there, listen

Yeah, check it, this is just for your info
My favorite Christmas, I got me a Nintendo
I used to play it when me and all my buddies
Then ten weeks later, flunked out of social studies
Uh-oh~! Momma took that shit up out my room
Did me like Spirit of Truth, "Nigga, yo' ass is doomed
 You can't play that Contra, you can't play that Excitebike
 'Til you go and get your motherfucking grades right, aiiiight?!"
But that was then and thangs done changed
Nowadays I'm kinda old, it just don't feel the same
Got two little boys.. and I be havin to buy them Spongebob Squarepants
and all this kinda shit that I know them niggaz gon' tear up in a couple of days
You remember when Power Pad came out, niggaz used to cheat
Niggaz played Track & Field and it always be that one nigga on your house
He wouldn't stomp on it, he be on his knees, hands and knees
Goddamn {*rapid banging*} banging that shit like that, goddamn
And then he had to jump the hurdles, he take his hand and be like
{*rapid button pushing*} Boom! And then he {*rapid button pushing*} Boom!
And then your mom be downstairs and shit like,
And you remember, when they came out with the Power Glove
and nigga try to play Mike Tyson Punchout with that shit
and got knocked the fuck out by Glass Joe cause that shit ain't worked?
You be tryin to throw left hooks and ya ass be gettin "WOO, WOO, WOOLAY-WOOOOO~! BOOM!"
That was the Christmas I love, that was the Christmas I remember
But I don't wanna say Christmas, I don't wanna just, yanahmsayin
Level it down to Christmas, I wanna talk about all the other holidays
I wanna talk about Hanukkah (Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of clay)
Or with the C, y'know, Chanukah, to all my Jewish brothers and sisters
We can talk abotu Kwanzaa (HARAMBEE~!) To all my African brothers and sisters
Whatever you're celebrating, everybody, I just want you to have a safe holiday
I just want you to know, yanhamsayin, coming in 2007
Little Brother will be coming back, we got that mixtape coming
With my man Mick Boogie, we got that "And Justus for All"
And then we got that Getback coming, yanahmsayin. we got that coming out in record stores
And in stores right now we got that "Somebody to Love"
We got that "Hall of Justus", both of them is in stores right now
They make great stocking stuffers, you can get 'em in for a little bit
You can get 'em if you want to if you ain't got 'em
We just wanna send some holiday love, yanahmsayin
You this joint make me feel like, nigga I feel like
one of the Temptations on this shit right now
Yo I feel like, yanahmasayin, the spirit of Otis Williams moved to me
I be singing "Silent Night" and shit, yanahmsayin, let's go~!
(Gonna hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling, jing-jing-a-jing-a-ling too)
So good, Otis (And it's that snowy weather for a sleigh ride together with you)
I don't think they heard you, O, c'mon
(Gonna hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling, jing-jing-a-jing-a-ling too)
Young Cee on the beat! (And it's that snowy weather for a sleigh ride together with you)
Happy holidays, y'all (Merry Christmas... from Hall of Justus)