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Artist: Phonte & Eric Roberson
Album:  Tigallerro
Song:   My Kind of Lady
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Aight, one more time
Shit... Yeaaaaah

She was always the one I hit up after dark (Yeaaaaah)
Get some wings and a couple drinks and take her to the park (Yeaaaaah)
All the windows rolled down, just talkin sittin in my car (Yeaaaaah)
Hahaha you may think I'm exaggeratin but she's my kind

But she's my kind of lady
But she's my kind of lady
But she's my kind of lady
But she's my kind of lady

Talk to 'em, Erro (Yeaaaaah)

[Eric Roberson]
She looks good in a dress but better with just my t-shirt on (Yeaaaaah)
We can do Buddakan's or barbecue with friends on the front lawn (Yeaaaaah)
She can quote Nina Simone but prefer De La Soul (Yeaaaaah)
Freestylin over Dilla beats while we chillin at home
(So warm and such a good time like a ray of sunshine) Like a ray of sunshine
(So calm and such a great find, girl that's why you're my kind)
Girl you're my kind, ohh baby...


[Eric Roberson]
Yo Tigallo... (Yeaaaaah)

Yo.. Pardon me for this part of me
You probably know I'm not for sentiments (Yeaaaaah)
But to be blessed with the best
and not acknowledge it seems so inconsiderate (Yeaaaaah)
So I wrote you a jam here
It's damn near disrespectful for me to spit on this (Yeaaaaah)
But I'ma do it, to clear the air about when we in the streets
Just because your girl is quiet it don't mean that she weak and
Just because she simple it don't mean that she cheap
It just, means that we meet in perfect harmony like sheet music
So you can sang along or read it and weep
It's Tigallo (holla)