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Artist: Phonte & Eric Roberson
Album:  Tigallerro
Song:   Thru the Night
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Been two months since I've seen ya girl, it's insane
You're the last woman on my body, baby nothin has changed
So many ladies callin for me, lookin so nice
I'm a man ya understand, but with you I wanna do it right

I'm just takin my time, girl I do it for you
Cause I'm in danger baby, tryna find a way through
I'm just takin my time, baby this is my truth
One more thing I'm comin' back to you
(You know gotta make it...)

(Thru the night!) Thru the night, baby
Ohh, I can't wait to get home to you again
Gotta make it (thru the night!)
Ohh, I can't wait to get home to you again

Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah

[Eric Roberson]
All these ladies lookin lovely in the VIP line
I love my girl and I'm loyal but that don't make me blind
Up in the after-party bein chased around
One more night, gotta hold my ground
Gotta make it...

[Chorus + Pre-Chorus + Interlude]

I'm lookin at your body parts
Wearin that dress like it was body art
My body starts respondin
But my mind says no and I start rewindin
This inner war got my mind and body Hotel Rwandin
Just lookin for a +Cheadle+ in the haystack
To keep the peace and take the edge off of my deep fears
Shorty said she had a happy home with three kids
Up until her man ran out like the beat did {*beat stops and changes*}
Came back four years later like a leap year
Sayin "I can't live without you and I sleep weird
The bed's too big and it all connects" I get it
What good is an architect if he ain't got a T-square
to work the angles and keep him in line
So when I think of leavin home I just keep him in mind
So many try to be Mr. Man
But when the bullshit hits the fan
You really tellin yo kids that you risked it all
for that bitch off of Instagram?!
Nah, don't do it, mission abort
These streets ain't a game and it isn't a sport
Better learn how to pass or ya shit'll get torched
I done seen so many love stories
Began with one shorty bare on your couch
Now she airin you out in one forties
It seemed perfect now you out here feelin distressed
She wasn't perfect, you just didn't know her shit yet
And that's the case for anybody whose looks fascinate
Gotta go past the face
Or else you just might end up with a basket case, YIKES~!
They all campaignin, so run for ya life
Like that y'all (that y'all!), like this y'all (this y'all!)
And if you up in the club gettin too much love
Better run off on the +Plug+ like Prince Paul
Phon-Tigallerro so official

Here I go again, right outside your door
Hey girl let me in, wait no more
I made it thru the night (It's Tigall-ERRO~!)
Made it thru the night (Yessir!)