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Artist: Pillar f/ KJ-52
Album:  Fireproof
Song:   Stay Up
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[Verse 1: Rob Beckley]
Pack a bag go let the world know how you feel about it
Hit the party let the people scream and shout about it
No doubt about it no reason for you to pout about it
If you don't get it, Then you've probably lived your life without it
So get at it and take a second just to think it through
It's not a secret you're on schedule for a rendezvous
But who knew the ''whose who of voodoo'' would be you
The day you get your verdict asking for a redo

[Chorus 2X: Rob Beckley]
Get up, Get up, We never get down

We be seekin freaks out from the underground

[Rob Beckley]
Stay up, Stay up, We never let down

We keep it rockin till y'all come around now

[Verse 2: Rob Beckley]
Ready or not, Here we come, Come to seek you out
Cause you can only hide for so long in the underground
Until you're found and you scream aloud in the crowd
That you're down and you're never turning back around
So shut down, The ways we'll call the days of old
And get down with the freaks that're living bold
Stay up, We livin life fortississimo
KJ, We get the freaks gotta let 'em know

Now excuse me, Now what I speak is for my freaks when I come forth
And I get down like I'm jumpin off the 8th floor
What's the deally for really, What you ashamed for?
You're the reason that he came for and his blood poured
So behold, He stands at the door and just knocks
But you be standin at the door wit the door locked
So it's a sure shot that in the whole spot
And a whole lotta y'all need to take heed these words that we drop

[Chorus] 2X
[Chorus] 4X