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Artist: PnB Rock
Album:  My City Need Something (S)
Song:   My City Need Something
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I don't know what's going on
But I know that something's wrong
And I know that lately
My city has been crazy
It's like everyday somebody gone

And every time I turn around I hear them gun sounds
Cop signs man we need to put the guns down
Everybody wanna be a shooter scared to fight
So they take a life, ain't no one on one now

All of this killing, I'm like when will it stop
And it really don't help that
Don't get no help from the cops
They hear a shooting in the hood
They get late to the block
But they hear an officer down
They get straight to the block. (It's crazy)

I'm tired of hearing about these missing babies
Stop the killing and let's find all of these missing babies
I wrote this song cuz I know just how it feels
To lose somebody you love and that's real (That's why)

I don't wanna look up
Every time I look up
I can see them pictures
Hanging on the wall
Talking about my fam
Yeah, I'm talking about my dogs
Rest in peace 'em all
Man I swear I miss them all

I don't wanna look up
Cuz When I look up
I can see your face
But I know you ain't there
Wanna call your phone
But I know you won't answer
Why'd you have to go?
Man I swear this ain't fair

And I don't know what it is
But my city need something
People killing people over nothing
I swear it's like everyday I wake up
Man I hear something like:
Man I miss my brother
Rest in peace my hitter
Man they took my sister

I swear we need something different
But I don't know what it is

Waited all winter for this crazy summer
Who would think that they
Would take so many from us
I come from the city where they show no love
And killing innocent people man that so messed up

Good die young ain't how it's supposed to be
Every time I turn around
I lose somebody close to me
I try and hold back the tears
And be a soldier see
But memories and pain
Just seem to take a hold of me

My city need something
We need it real bad
I'm tired of yellow tape
So tired of teddy bears
I'm sick of kids growing up
Without their mom and dads
And cops killing left and right
Hey man whats up with that?

Praying for my city
Yeah it's going down
I swear in these streets
It's like a war now
You could get shot
Just from walking down the block
Little kids ain't safe
Playing on the porch now

And it's getting worse every day
I swear when your folks die
It hurts every day
And you don't even notice
When it fade away
Cuz you're so focused
On trying to take the pain away

I swear my city need a better way
And I don't think there's nothing left to say
I wrote this song
Cuz I know just how it feels
To lose somebody you love
And that's real