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Artist: Popa Chief
Album:  Brain Food
Song:   How Long?
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Popa Chief]
Yeah, uh-huh, yeah, come down
Haha, haha, haha, how long you gon' shake them dice
Well go ahead and let them go then
How long, aiyo, I called an ambulance like an hour ago
They ain't got here yet?

[Popa Chief]
Every, second of the minute, of the hour, of the day
Of the week, of the month, of the year, into the leapyear
But we wait no longer, the student surpass the teacher
Popa Chief, one hell of a grasshopper
No wifes, no whip, no chips, I've been the shit
Fully equipped, how come I keeps getting jipped
How many MC's and mics do I gotta rip
And how long does it take to get the ring and the championship
Dos mucho stress, about to grab the stanley steemer and a vest, but I digress
Meanwhile, the clock tick ticking, palms still itching
Nothing but empty cabinets in the kitchen
Unsolved crimewaves, seriously running out of patience
If I only knew the rap game was this aggrivating
Got my babies waiting, baby mommas waiting
Bill collectors waiting, don't hold ya breath while you waiting

[Interlude: Popa Chief]
Damn, ma, you need to come up off something
Ooh, it's the 9th of the month now, what's good
How long, yo I can't wait, til we get a black president
Yeah, that'd be good, word up

[Popa Chief]
Better days inside us, but I feel the things will never change
Pockets full of change, versus ill gotten game
Twisting up on busters, I ball in Hot Wheels in the fast lane
How long you gon' keep me boxed in the slow lane
Momma said you only get one right, growing up was tight
And I tought you wrong from right
Just know that the truth is the light
And if that's what you choose to do baby, then rock that mic
Keeping out of mind, nothing can stop me from getting mine
Almost there, I can smell it almost touching
All the hard work is about to pay off
I'm glad I chose the rap profession, never took a day off
The finish line, so close, but yet, so far
I spend every penny hidden in the cookie jar
Manage to keep my black ass from behind bars
Now it's my turn to shine like a star

[Interlude: Popa Chief]
Damn, I play the lottery every other day
Am I ever gonna hit? How long
Yo, my man, I loaned him 15 dollars last week and he ain't seen me wait
Oh, I got something for his ass, let me explain

[Popa Chief]
Underpaid and over qualified, from he told a lie
None of my dreams seem to materialize
The world don't stop spinning just cuz you say so
I got the right to bare arms and stack pesos
Look to new leap over, got tired of being a pushover
Burnt Biskut takeover, getting a steamroller
A.I., up the pressure, gave the world a makeover
My fat check finally came, the wait is over
Bank accounts obese, pockets all flat
Couple of wooden dub, got a nig' bent back
Stick a fork in me, done deal, that's a wrap
I'mma touchdown in every city on the map
Everybody can't wait til I come back
Everybody can't wait til I drop more tracks
Everybody can't wait til I wild out and smash
Hold your breath and wait, I had to wait like that

[Outro: Popa Chief]
Yo, I called the psychic the other day
And they said my shit bout to come in
Yeah, how long? Yo, my man been in jail it seem like forever
I can't wait til he hit the Bricks, word up, how long?
Oh, I tell you what's good, sometime
Sometime you just gotta be patient
Sometimes you just gotta hold on
Sometimes you gotta keep ya head up
Sometimes you can't give up
Word up... this is serious
Do or die, ball or fly, you heard?
Words to live by.. spoken by I
Popa Chief, Black Unicorn, baby
Yeah, yeah...
Yeah, uh-huh, yeah, DJ Butter