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Artist: Popa Chief
Album:  Brain Food
Song:   Real Nigz
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Popa Chief]
Aiyo, if I got, you got it
If you need, come and get it
Real niggas go all out for each other, I got your back
I even call your moms 'mother', until they dig my whole
You like a brother

[Popa Chief]
Neighborhood pool hall, shooting brick and eightball
Sunny blowing up, but, I ain't taking no calls
Whose the fucking pest, they on top? I should of guessed
They five more times, in the road, this must be serious
Smoke flipped them back, they said 'what', I got your back
They playing with my heart, fuck a contract
Just point 'em out, they can all get clipped and whacked
Said I never would, but for you I'll empty the strap
Baby did it twice, swore I'd never go back
Small price to pay for you, black
You sonned me, lovely, in these streets, showed me
How to hold heat, introduced me to celebs and break beats
How to bag up, roll blunts, and fuck birds in the backseat
Now I got the right deal, we bout to really eat
We funky fresh from head to feet
Can't nobody compete, uh, mission complete, uh

[Chorus 2X: Popa Chief]
Real niggas go all out for each other
Ride for each other, I even call your moms 'mother'
We get dough together, that's why we roll together
I ain't got no friends, homey, you like a brother

[Popa Chief]
Bust to the train to the sub, Uttica last stop
Rose above it, Brooklyn, a pound and a hug
Second home, I'm back home
My Brooklyn Zu brothers mad, cuz I ain't been home
Everybody's on they hustle, everybody's on they grind
Ain't nothing like a BK shorty on my mind
Cop the rolly, eyeballin' mad cuties
Fulton Street fit shopping, bird watching, ain't nothing
Like an ODB show, Duc-Lo
Sleeping on studio floors to world tours
I miss my younging Dawaun, R.I.P., nigga
I think about you everytime I puff and I swig, nigga
Just the thought of it, make me wanna choke out fifty niggas
Cold sweats, nightmares, wake up, saw a trigger fingers
Eyes bloodshot, I'm about to special deliver
I hear your voice saying 'chill, get that money, poppa'

[Chorus 2X]

[Popa Chief]
Eat out the same bowl, fuck out the same hole
M.O.B., on cruise control
I got your back, nigga, you got my back, nigga
Until they dig your hole, until they dig my hole
We don't need no change, we want the money that folds
Never turn your back on your brother, that's the code
They don't like us anyway, hating on the mold
Cuz we're flesh, fly, wild and bold

[Chorus 3X]

[Outro: Popa Chief]
It's all about this paper, you like a brother
Me and you, we team up, son, ain't nothing can stop us
You like a brother