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Artist: Popcaan
Album:  Party Shot (S)
Song:   Party Shot
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Quick Cook how di road stay?
Yow di party shot it's a good look fry yei
Change you yei and farwod guick, quick, quick, quick
Hear mi nuh quick cook
Tell mi how di ting look

Him seh party buck like bull cow
Party buck like bull cow
Wah mount a Sheara mi jean dem hole
Ravin tell mi di vibes tun up

Him say party shot like one M-16
Dem call mi di ravin king
Touch a smudge gal a show mi love
And a tell mi, mi sweet like fudge
Him say party shot like one STD
Gal dem a wine pon me, Yea
A we have di style weh dem love
Dem watch wi like dem TV

[Verse 1]
Alright, as wi reach wi see gal pon head top
Swear mi nuh wah go a bed back, yea
Apple vodka mi drink till mi skull wadd
Party nuh dead like dovecot
Simmer, mi go circle roun a one part
Pure gal a say free worl boss
Di hole grabba buss inna mi head
Believe mi say a laugh mi laugh


[Verse 2]
Di gal dem say yoowwwwwwwweeeeee
A dem favorite talk
Man a wine, wine, wine pon dem favorite part, jah know
A wonder if mi have di scaring laugh
And fi tell you di truth mi haffi la la la la la la laugh
Gal a wine and Jamie a laugh
Wi clarks dem real wi nuh wear nuh knock off
Wi done get permission from the (soup)
You know di dance caaw lock off