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Artist: Popcaan
Album:  Tie Me (S)
Song:   Tie Me
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Anytime, anywhere, tek off the underwear
Gyal mi love it like that
You a mi baby

Anytime, anywhere, shi sit down pon it like a chair
Gyal mi love it like that, baby

Wa you a do to me, more time mi fall bad
Shi go hard when shi under the vodka
Mi dweet hard like mi develop a anger
Baby, alright

Yo pussy hi tight so, hi right so
Gyal yo bad, yo pussy hi tight so
Hi right so

[Verse 1]
So mi love it when yo sit down pon the supn hard
Brace anytime mi a knock hi hard
Like a book shi a button, shi a button, shi a button lord
Yo good body deserve a body guard
Shi horny, shi want mi turn record
Further more wi haffi link up a fi mi yard
Is like shi have white live cause anytime shi si mi
A the pussy shi deliver


[Verse 2]
A no tight pum, pum, a print up
Dem hot f yah meck yo waan cut
Yo good pussy no give mi no bad luck
From mi deh wid yo mi never yet bruk
Mi tell everybody a yuh mi waan
And mi cyaa stop deh wid yo because
Da tight punanny deh no regular
Pum jaw be Indiana, India


[Verse 1]