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Artist: Popcaan
Album:  Unruly Gal (S)
Song:   Unruly Gal
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Mi love gyal weh unruly
Unruly gyal mi waan
Bend over no Jessica
Meck mi bruise up deh pussy yah

Gyal weh unruly
Unruly gyal mi waan
Bad behaving gyal mi waan so cock up pon the dresser draw

[Verse 1]
Gyal wine pon the long map stick
From mi inna the dance mi dam cockti
A the pussy mi waan so don't act stiff
Mi naw give you some fuck weh fantastic
Inna the house shi gwaan wid bay antics
An a paint up mi hood wid are lipstick
Oh God shi gimmi head gladly
This dam gyal done ungodly


[Verse 2]
Mi love when gyal pin mi an seh a 3 sum time
Cool lock off so dem know mi need some time
Drink the vodka an go fi beat some time
Hey gyal grab mi hood an wine
Hold yo pussy an bruise it up, bruise it up
Meck mi balls an yo teeth lick up
The gyal dem a black road
A protest fi black road
An in there mi fans meck mi hood lick up


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]

[Chorus x2]