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Artist: Potna Deuce f/ Precise
Album:  Welcome to Da Tilt
Song    Cool Thang
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[ Precise ]
I wanna be your cool thang

[ VERSE 1: Baby Bash ]
B-b-b-baby come put, kick me down
Not money, honey, just some lovin
Lovin, rubbin
And I'ma stick somethin cool into your little hot oven
A look in your eyes and I can tell that
Cool thang you really excel at
Givin up much love in large amounts
And cool thangs don't be trippin off bank accounts
Now kitty cat, turn out the lights
I got a candle you can handle and it ignites
With every strike and pose, every moan and groan
Let's unplug the phone
And make that move
Put a sign on the door saying don't disturb this groove
And I'ma shake like a rattlesnake
Till we come, no tellin how long that'll take
No questions, no concerns
Just kickin it, smell the incense burn
Cool thang, it feel so good
Can you dig it? I knew that you could

[ VERSE 2: Chezski ]
Hookin up late night, again it's time
Cool thang lifestyles ( ? )
Both workin hard for the warm gush
So smooth, ain't nohin like a proper thrust
You got me doin that bash
Handle this, never feelin overmashed
And when it comes time for the stickin
She jumps up for the ride instead of kickin
At tongue pro job she earns a plus
Top notch for the ballin but infamous
And bringin new kicks to that style
Cool thang, can I kick it for a while?

[ VERSE 3: Rube ]
You're doper than Vanity, I kick in my sanity
Kick in your little chocolate castles what I plan to be
I know you ( ? ) the Indo surroundin my lungs
When my tongue says I'm sprung on your Jungle Jim
I'm just wonderin if you wanna hear some
Cool thang slang in your eardrum
Like roses are red, ( ? ) is green
I'm hooked on you like high to a dopefiend
Cool thang, we can go to Monterrey
You can pose by the ocean in your lingerie
It's all good, naythin's bad here
No sad tears, we'll have our own little carnival
I'm like a barnacle stuck on dumb
30 pictures of you in my album
I need her, that's what the palm reading stated
About the best girl I ever dated