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Artist: PremRock
Album:  Mark's Wild Years
Song:   Alice
Typed by: PremRock
I must be insane
I wanna give you a ring in exchange for my name
I just return back like I'm trained
Your smile brings madness  
With metal hair
you swing like iron in the wintertime
As if I was never there
Just prey lioness feast upon at dinnertime
My heart my only offer
I am just a cliff-note
It's  a testament to the author
Named Alice
Figure 8 upon my soul
to demonstrate her control
And didn't have to lift a finger I know, I know, I know
You ripped apart my heart Alice
With every part of your metacarpi and ya sharp talons
Knocked him off-balance
Folded into your scarf
My desire held with in ev-ery part of your Chalice
Within your name I am engulfed
And watch your frame engrain the madness
As your departure becomes my own imagined ocean of my sadness
Molded into a shape of these inappropriate actions
Holding to the faith
that you'll integrate with my passions
One day
I will say
You and I will never sever
Noone could ever explain
The amount of un-forecasted inexplicable rain
I stand underneath to cleanse the pain
and I must be insane


And I must be insane
I must be insane
to go skating on your name
But I traced it twice
And plumetted
through ice
And now slave to the name for life Alice

How does the ocean rock the boat?
How did your razor find my throat?
How'd the savior leave a note
On my table written on paper
then she disappeared into smoke
Screens disguised as Alice
Broken hopes and dreams
Tp part the seas of the imbalance
And every smile brings madness to my mind
Sinking through the loopholes
the most tragic of designs
Is her frame
I go skating on her name
Only to plummet
Hard to stomach the contents of her remains named Alice

And I still see your silhouette
Engulfed in the mist of a most elegant cigarette
My vision became listless
In need of the stimulant
As the crows gather round it
I am only 1 But I was hoping that number and sum would become rounded
And you an I would form a relations but this relevation is unfounded

But IIIIII fell for your trap
and I'm wounded consumed by the essence
Of you telegraphed my every single past and present
Gone nothing will outlast this confession
Written on my bones
Stick stones and catacombs of memory I roam
I carve your effigy from stone so I'll never be alone
And together we can be forever
They will never have to know
I exist in the stormiest weather and let it known