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Artist: PremRock
Album:  Mark's Wild Years
Song:   Drunk on the Moon
Typed by: PremRock

Drunk on the moon
Cause I ain't got you
Got no choice but to finish my beer
And write this tune
Existing in emotions that's getting harder to find
Slide down the slope that's getting harder to climb
But it's part of design
In the heart of my mind
And I've been blinded by the neon
Trying to chart what I find
But it's hard enough with these feeling untapped
And I'm on another greyhound
Not sure if this one coming back
Held in my flask the guarded memories of past
Everything will come to pass
I've been told relax
But I've holding it back scolding
By emotions
That's seem to hold only their selfish motives intact
Can go anywhere on this globe but the only place I want to go is back
Instead I wrote down this letter
Stiching together we what had
And if comes return to sender I'll address it right back
Cause I'm not given up until I see that moon collapse
Tonight I'm drunk On the moon
But I ain't got you
Got no choice but to finish my beer
And write this tune
It goes
Never let the one you love leave without fight
But you better start tonight
And the bartender understands the nature of your plight
Sometimes you got to fade to black
To gain your sight
And you complain all night
But Charlie knows
Your promises are empty
You just want your beer cold
As you stare down the storm drain
Or Memories blended with ignored pain
Eyed glues to floor board
Cant get out of your own way
And it's that one that got away
Same song old refrain
Nothing much had changed
You'd rather count losses than acknowledge gains
And it's product of rain
You standing dodging drops
And the old man McMillan says he's gonna call the cops
But you don't really care
They can drag you by the hair
But because you're drunk on the moon
And the only one that matters isn't there
She's somewhere with another
Getting treated better than you
And everything was sewn together but you let it unspool
Now the fabric you owns torn
Downtrodden forlorn
Almost like you knew it
A conclusion foregone
One more for the road
Ok you can kick me out
I never really liked this place anyhow
Down the street I walk
Watch the Moon' callously mock
The life we had together outlined it in chalk
Better yet a silhouette
Shaded perfect with regret
You knew this happened next fate it waits with baited breath
You take as you step
But ain't nobody there to direct
You've done this dance before
You mine as well have the made the steps
Everybody plays the fool
But the foolin in you been foolin' you
So long In fact he's hasn't been honest yet
You consider what she's given
And didn't ask for nothing back
You feel like you're doomed to forever live in debt
Get it through the thick-headed
Like you didn't get it yet? 
You deserve what you got shredded
And it's better she forgets
Matter fact as long as you got a pulse and a breath
Better call her up and only hope that she accepts