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Artist: PremRock
Album:  Mark's Wild Years
Song:   Earth Died Screaming
Typed by: PremRock
Doing the Mayan Meringue
The flight of pious
Eye of the Sensei
As the Earth died crying
Stripping Mother Nature of her Birthright right?
Look into my eyelids
I incur
The eternal silence
Silence.. listen to her speak
The tears roll down her cheek
That is the sound of release
Never granting relief
Stick my hands into speech
like man it gets deep
The panic'll creep
Panoramic visions of damaged mystique
Peep! while you preach World Peace
The World is in a state of eternal sleep
It's gets deep
Am I the one for my brother to keep
I'd rather compete capiche
I thoughts peeps were being facetious
Drawing for the blind like Venetians
And the Chorus will rejoice when the Earth dies Screaming!
And I can the voice muffled inside
of the trouble
It slides down what you heard
And the rebuttal is far from subtle
Down, Down, Down
Will you listen to the sound
The Earth Died Screaming the day we all turned around
If I ain't looking that it ain't happen
If I ain't looking than it ain't happen

Foretold in the scriptures of crossroads
Death by the carload
the damned lost souls
The earth died screaming
I lie dreaming of you
I wonder if these demons are bleeding like me and you
And do we have the same the reasons for belief
and seeing us through
Stuck in the rubik's cube
We live seeking the truth
Or not
Heartbreaking characters  
of paradise lost
Jotting down the caricatures
The day the lights went off
The reaction Hellish
Factions of zealots
Display a lack of tact
and every single action is selfish
Turning their back
I can feel the sky falling
melting to medal pellets
Like fuck it... we didn't get it
Now we all gonna get it...
I get it.... I get it echoes...