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Artist: PremRock
Album:  Mark's Wild Years
Song:   Step Right Up
Typed by: PremRock

You  need to step right up with that extra buck
Capitalism baby get in a rhythm it gets nuts
Credit Card, Debit Card..
Get it fast, let it charge.
No Dough?
Don't sweat it dog,
Layaway today!
We got the best interest rates and we got faith you'll pay
And if not we'll take your place away..
Hey Hey..
Why you worried bout that?
Don't worry bout that
Put the item in the bag!
Holiday season can you prove your love?
You need to Step right Up girl choose your drug
Move to the fiscal groove let's cut a rug
You see that remaining balance you need to use that up
Don't nobody like a stick in the mud.. Step it Up
Treat yourself to a necklace and facial scrub
It only takes one swipe
Go and name your price.
What's it gonna take to put you in that car and drive away tonight??
(It's effective It's defective)

How do we do it, How do we do it?
We need your business!

Prove to remove any trace of doubt
Discounts for the overconsumption let's get down
Who cares if you forfeit your mortgage
The smorgasbord of preorders is gorgeous
Secure it now
Lock it down
I prophecize profits we'll pocket now
I mean spread to community!
We'll all get down
Let's globalize how we mobilize
Now how that sound?
Sever older ties, suffer no demise
Want a kid with a wi-fi crib?
How can you see the world without a wide eye lens
Break free get it HD
The latest trend, cut that ribbon let's make it an event
It's self-cleaning, self-helping, self-destructive
But oh so important!!!