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Artist: PRhyme f/ MF DOOM, Phonte
Album:  PRhyme
Song:   Highs and Lows *
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* deluxe edition bonus track

[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9"]
Hey there music world, you've been keepin them waitin
These are my highs and lows
You've been deprivin 'em of the real, been on a vacation
No matter where we go
If you ask me, all around the world I think they sleepin
But we ain't sing you a lullaby
I got no love in my heart for the other side
B-b-bye bye bye

[Royce Da 5'9"]
The streets said I'm either supposed to be in jail or dead
My uncle told me before he died to watch for these whores
before I wake up in the bed in the morn' next to a horse head
Prolly why I'm war-bred, prolly why my self-portrait
should be a Porsche with bald tires and poor tread
Symbolize my upward swim, uhh
Nigga we ain't go to no NBA
All we know's to sweep rappers up to K
Lookin like I'm tryna rake, leaves on a windy day
So leave me out of your kind of war, be hysterics
When the last time you seen a carnivore eat a carrot?
When's the last rhyme you heard that had you tryin to find your words?

Such absurd verbs, do not disturb blurbs
Slid to the curb, he's not the first herb, written on a mirror
Blurred rap guys is buyin by like flies on a turd
Premo and Royce surprise 'em, eye-to-eye 'em, they scurred
Slur intended, demented, got some nerve
Got no patience and a little perturbed, you heard?
Guessin, with more questions, than answers
Why they started rhymin? Should've just remained dancers
It's better odds, than countin cards at the Luxor
Carbon fiber, black mask, askin what the fuck tux for
Deluxe war, to whom it may concern
It's too late to burn, DOOM, you wait your turn


[Royce Da 5'9"]
I remember bein broke, playin Little Brother out my mother whip
Now I got some shit look like the mothership
Now my lil' brother got my other whip
Havin to return it back to me is exactly what he think the meaning of struggle is
People compliment my grind, they wonder how I stay this clean
"Comin from Michigan you don't seem to age"
That's cause I don't whine about the state of things
Hatin on others'll get you old quick; so I just salute and let my flow switch
Takin my shit to the highest of levels combinin everything that I have developed
Since '99 my style just seems to get better and better and better (woo!)
Hoppin out the custom Corvette, the same hustle ready for whatever (woo!)
Not a mushroom portabella (woo) I'm a truth storyteller
Uh, uh, right on


Grab the microphone like he smack a rapper iPhone
PRhyme time, time's up, dial tone, smile's on
Show your teeth, known by the wild prone
All getters, pile on, gone since child grown
On the count, check, or catch a pound neck
for clownin around for rec', no disrespect
intended, said it, and meant it
Before it's invented, get it, did it, spent it
Keep the change, he needs that receipt, thanks
MC's need franks regardless of street rank
They feet stank, we never leave the beat blank

Master P's/Masterpiece theatre, we the +No Limit+ think tank
Love to hit the club with my nigga cause when we drink
He think he a pimp but he cain't
see that them three skanks look nothing like Selita Ebanks
Wake up in the morning like, "Gee, thanks"
Tigallo the polymath, Raleigh boy, rap game Rolly Forbes
Never with the same sound, crazy like James Brown on Polydor
Sniffin cocaine off of a bodyboard
Quick to 86 your top five if he not in yours
Why so serious? What y'all melancholy for?
Against us you'll never score at all (nope)
Never headline a tour at all
Y'all Flintstone chewables fuckin with Toradols
Now who you wanna call? (Hey!)


[Outro: DJ Premier scratches]
"I rap, I rap, I rap circles around 'em"
"I, I rap, I, I, I rap, rap circles around 'em"
"I rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap circles around 'em"
"This the difference between y'all niggaz and real rap"
"I rap, cir-cles around 'em"