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Artist: Promatic f/ Just
Album:  Promatic (Dogmatic + Proof)
Song:   Waffle House
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[Proof] Ayo, be quiet, you hear that?
[Dogmatic] Whatchu talking bout' nigga?
[Proof] Right.. Right there.. Dogmatic.. Listen, listen listen..
[Dogmatic] Man, What the fuck man, Whatchu talking bout?
[Proof] Don't tell me you don't hear that shit doe
[Dogmatic] Hell naw man.. You trippin' you trippin' dog

[Verse 1: Proof (Dogmatic)]
*Shhhh*, Don't speak no more
Damn, Can't feel my heat beat no more
Who that beatin' the door? Who smack my door?
(Calm down proof, nobody at your door)
Is that for sure? Get the gat out dog
I'm bout to put it in this nigga flat out dog
(Yo, cool out you high god, you paranoid!)
*Shh shh* you hear that noise?
Right there somebody moving
(Ha! ha! this nigga foolish!)
I wish I could get up and brush your face
I hope my nuts will get sucked today
(Whatchu say?)
I better be high; my head is just dry
Through the ghetto we ride
Till my tummy amphetamy slide
I'm pathetic in trife, look at the red in my eye
Bearly alive, I'm there with my wife (What?)
Did I say that? Or think that? Let's think back
Fuck it, Yo pep show me where the sink at
I guess I struck out
Don't trust nobody.. Everybody get the fuck out!
Give a fuck, stole my mothers lamb
(Hey Proof my pound is in your other hand!)
Thinking' I'm fuckin' (yea), you little bitch you
You see that door? Hit it! Before I hit Yo.

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Don't bother me, I'm high right now
I really don't wanna hear your mouth right now
I'm on a cloud right now
Lets order Chinese at the Wafflehouse
What is you talking about?

[Verse 2: Dogmatic (Proof)]
I woke up on the wrong side
I woke up with a sack of pills under my nutsack
And they all mine
I'm still hungover from the last time
(That was three hours prior to now, nigga you still high)
You think this shit will make my brain fry?
(Gimme 5 minutes to go get it and we can sure try)
Approximately 5 minutes later
(Yea I'm back with the stash)
Nigga roll it up, I'm a pro nigga
Let's hit that bitch an get 4 fitted
My dad did drugs so I just go wid it
This what I'm laughing at, everytime my blood is spilling
I guess that I'm my own worst critic
Start hittin' these trees and never stop quittin'
Never kind to hit something' life is what you make it
Puffin the green on any given.


[Proof] Man I'm tellin' you, somebody knocking my mothafuckin.
[Dogmatic] You check the door man?
[Proof] yea there's somebody at my damn door
[Dogmatic] Where these pills come from?
[Proof] What pills?
[JUST] Yea they mine nigga
[Proof] You got purple pills.. You got some purple pills!
Nigga gimme yo goddamn pills, gimme your damn pills man
[Dogmatic] There's no-one at the door
[Proof] There is somebody at the damn door
Why don't you listen man, gimme your goddamn pills doe

[Verse 3: Just]
Hey hey bring my legs back
(We ain't got your legs)
Well bring me a big Mac
I need to eat something before I smoke this sack
(Man you always eating' JUST that's why you fat)
I'mma try some crack, you got a pipe?
Foo, you got the solids, so who got the stripes?
JUST forget it, its time to get lifted
Pass the tas, disaster to fake mags
Why you talking so loud, we in the same room
Shut up, while I pop this pill
I can't open my mouth, tryna pull it open
Hell naw, then I guess we'll keep smoking
One puff two puff three puff four
Its all gone now we gone get some more
Dog I told you somebody was at my door