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Artist: Robert Glasper Experiment f/ Erykah Badu, Phonte
Album:  Black Radio Recovered: The Remix EP
Song:   Afro Blue (9th Wonder's Blue Light Basement Remix)
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[Intro: Phonte]
Fly love song, fly love song...
{Phonte repeats "Fly love song" throughout the song}
[Erykah Badu]
Dream of a land, my soul is from
I hear a hand, stroke on a drum
Shades of delight, cocoa hue
Rich as the night, afro blue 
Elegant boy, beautiful girl
Dancing for joy, delicate whirl
Shades of delight cocoa hue
Rich as the night, afro blue
Two lovers dance face to face with undulating grace
They gently sway then slip away to some secluded place
Shades of delight cocoa hue
Rich as the night, afro blue
New Tigallo New Tigallo...
Yo, you came to me as my blessing
I'm tryin to accept it and not question
the whys and the hows without ob-sessing
It's a lot to think about, I'm still processing
Tears of joy in the morning made our pillow wet
Then night fell and we turned into silhouette
Your body next to mine dancing real close
Step left, step right, then a pirouette
It would appear as that we really do believe in us
But it's so hard to believe all we need is us
Believe a kiss on a cold day would be enough
Look at the stars, I wonder what it is they see in us
Where is this leading us? That's all I'm askin
Love comes in every color, but the fact is
I never needed +Fifty Shades of Grey+
Turn the lights down low and give me every shade of blackness, uh...