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Artist: Roxanne Shante f/ BizMarkie
Album:  Def Fresh Crew 12"
Song:   Def Fresh Crew



We came here tonight to get started
To cold act ill or get retarded...



I'm Shante and the rhymes are def
Just rap so fresh 'til I get out of breath
Now this is somethin' that we do have to do
And this is a team that I must introduce
I'm Shante, he's Biz Markie
We rap so fresh that they think it's three
Three of us who rap together
Strong as a bond that is tougher than leather
My name is Shante and yes, I'm top choice
And you can tell by the sound of my voice
That the way that I rock that I am the best
Higher than the rest, plus considered fresh
Threw on my Filas and my Fila suit
Stepped out my house, I just knew I was cute
Bumped into Biz, he had on Filas too
I said, "Yo, Biz Markie. What ya wanna do?"
He stepped out the house chillin', yes ya know
Went outside, it's kinda cold ya know
So I threw on the bomber so I could get loose
Matter of fact it was my black Goose
Stepped outside, everyone was on it
I said, "You like it, baby. Don't you want it?"
They looked at me, they thought it was funny
And out of my pocket came a mint of money
Me and Biz went Uptown, yes
Chillin' around  cos we know we're the best
And then this guy came up to me
He said, "We want you to make a record, you see"
Looked at Biz, said, "Do ya wanna do it?"
He said, "Yeah, Shante. There's nothin' to it"
I said, "Alright", and time has passed
"I saved the money" 
"Ha ha!" and we laugh...

[Biz laughter]

"That's not enough...
Things are gettin' tough and sort of rough
If you're not paying me ten G's or more
Then you might as well take your contract out the door"
He looked at me, he got so mad
And then when he left we were sort of glad
No, we don't sniff coke, we don't get high
All we do is dress real fly
Hang out at a party 'til the mornin' light
Chillin' all the time while other MC's bite
I say my rhymes, he does the beat
And you know me and him could never be defeated
We never sing Beat It and no, we don't Eat It
And if you do not like it, well yes you can bite it
And don't you go and get excited
I'm Shante, he's Biz Markie
Side by side you know it's we
No, I don't speak French, when I say we
I mean us two, not 'Yes, sirree'
Everyone knows that I am much better
Come on Biz Markie, get it together
Talk to the girls, you know they are wack
Tell those crabs they sound like cats...

[Biz mews like a cat while beatboxing!]

That subject's cute and it's sort of fine
But another subject just came in my mind
It's sort of crazy, it's sort of wack
I'm talkin' about five-dollar cracks
Runnin' round town just stickin' up each other
Ready to rob each other's mother
Gettin' little capsules, don't wanna choke
And all you do is sit down and smoke
Your jaws move in, your body gets skinny
You spend your money to your very last penny
You walk around town in the same old jeans
And yes you know just what I mean
No, you're not cute and you're sort of wack
You're gettin' really skinny, only big as your hat
And if you wanna beef I'll tell you so
And here's a few things that you should know
Yes, it's crack, then it's Peace
Come on y'all, take it from me
I was told to stay away
This is a message from Shante
You wanna dress fly and have some cash?
Well stay away from it because it's like a rash
Once you get it you start to itch
It's attached just like a (Hhhuh!)
Let's continue with what I said
Cos this is somethin' playin' in your head
Cos we come to party just to have action
Just to prove to you that I'm not Michael Jackson
Rap so strong and rap so def
Rap 'til I get out of breath
Now we have introduced to you
Me and Biz, the Def Fresh Crew...



Me and Biz, the Def Fresh Crew
That was def. See you later...