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Artist: Raekwon f/ Method Man, Raheem DeVaughn
Album:  Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang
Song:   From the Hills
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, come on, man, awwww shit
It's that fly diabolical, come on
Let's go Rah, come on
I got to tell 'em, man, I got to tell 'em
Based on a true story, ya'll
Yeah... prophets, nigga, prophet

[Chorus: Raheem DeVaughn]
From the Hill to the Shaolin
All the rules that came, from foreign part
From the Hills, of the Shaolin
With an iron fist of fury and the mighty sword
To fulfill the prophecy of the Wu-Tang, of the Wu-Tang

In the Polo store, fronting in war clothes, it been like this
From right in time when I was nine years old
I was a hot mess, smoking cheeba, running with stolen speakers
Dropped beepers, even wore a victory vest
I run with niggas, digging knots from niggas, running out the school
Stunting, back of the bus, flashing the ox
Rock the V-Gooses, everything we wore was name brand
Sold three lucy's, just to get on call plan
R.E.C. Poss' Rockers, the Blip Brothers
Even the Spin Doctors, sat and smoke blunts, I been bopping
All my kins blew up, we grew up with
We used to do what? Running through the sewers and then shopping
Pick pocket, deuce baby, take it in truce, baby
You know how we do, come run in my boots, baby
The niggas came through, touch the God, here Shallah
Ever since went from ninjas to gem stars, sing Rah


[Method Man]
Reunited, another LP, we're all excited
That wreckless eyeballing'll get your girl indicted
My touch like Midas, I cramp your style, arthritis
These niggas is food, I eat they food, nigga-ritis
Your man don't snooze, insomniac
This The W, the Clan don't lose, you putting hands on who?
Hands down, I can handle you, you half man, half animals
If you are what you eat, and eat pussy, you'se a cannibal
And stopping me, is what you can not do
Either get in the game, get out the way, or get ran right through
I ain't different Method Man like you
But you ain't like us, we play rough, my community tough
And little kids in my community cuss
Ya'll be showing your guns, but the ones in my community bust
And when they do, you get a jewel re-up


[Outro: Raekwon]
All the niggas came through
Yeah, from the Hills, Park Hill, Shaolin
Stapleton, New Brighton, nigga
West Brighton, the Port, nigga
Wu-Tang, South Beach, nigga
Yeah, muthafucka, yo