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Artist: Rahzel f/ Erykah Badu
Album:  Make the Music 2000
Song:   Southern Girl
Typed by:, OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Rahzel]: (Erykah):
*Rahzel makes the beat with mouth*
Yeah, show you right
Come on

Sing a lang sang, sing a lang song
Sing a lang sang, sing a lang song
Sing a lang sang, sing a lang song
Twang, twang, twang, twong

I'm from the South
I'm a Southern Girl
Home of the burnin church
Don't know much about the world

Home of the pocket stones
Home of the booty songs
Home of the finger wave that lasts
All night long

Home of the "On & On"
Home of the dominoes
Home of the two piece and the cat fight
Home of the teeth that's gold

Home of the never miss
Home of the platinum hits
I'm a Southern Girl (Southern Girl)

Everything I eat is fried
Gotta Southern drawl
I'm so country y'all
Well that's way down South
Yeah it's way down low
Check my Southern fried style
And my Southern flow
(Southern Girl)

I like my Tofu fried
Got about a hundred friends
That ain't caught on to trends
Don't know about the internet (mm-hmm)
Don't know about the radio (mm-hmm)
Don't know about the television
All I know is bout my flows
My kinfolk sent me out
to make money for the house
Hooked up with my boy Rahzel
I sho' hope the record sell
(Southern Girl)

Southern Girl, in a rocky world
Fly as a bumble bee (buzz)
Can't nobody fuck with me
I'm a Southern Girl
From way down South
Got a dirty wave
Cause I got a dirty mouth, dirty South

(Southern Girl)
Twain tiki lang tanga tang tiki tiki
(Southern Girl)
Twain twain twain ta tong
Sounding like a
(Southern Girl)
Twain tiki tang, tang tatang ding ding
(Southern Girl)
Ding Dingading dong, Big "D"
Lil' A, double-L. A. Big "D"
Lil' A, double-L. A. Big "D"
Lil' A, double-L. A, Ssssss

	{Badu is spelling Dallas: Big D, Lil'A, double-L, A, Ssss}

Mmm, mmm, mmm
Yes sir
Get them chickens out the yard