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Artist: Rakim
Album:  The 18th Letter
Song:   Outro (The 18th Letter)

[interviewer, possibly Harry Allen]
What is, the one, main thing that you have
that you would want people to remember you by?
Or not one but the, those things that are dear to you
that you would, want to be remembered as

I guess I guess it's my words man, yaknahmean?
Just my words, and, if people remember my words they'll remember me forever
Y'know?  God by nature mind raised in Asia, y'know?
But umm... it's like y'know to live forever you you you gotta
set y'know, not not set trends but you gotta
apply yourself a certain way and you gotta do certain things y'know?
Maybe, maybe when I'm gone twenty years from now
Somebody might be tellin, tellin they little son
"Oh yo you think Shorty bad?  Yo I 'member this cat way back
 in like nineteen-ninety.  Kid named Rakim, bananas."
YouknowhatI'msayin?  If that can happen man, I'm aight man, y'know?
I got I got I got kids y'know?  They gonna umm, finish this for
me anyway yknahmsayin so regardless, y'know the legacy lives
But umm as far as the masses just remember my words
Straight up