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Artist: Rakim
Album:  The 18th Letter
Song:   The Saga Begins
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*singing* Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh...
"Ghetto Music" --> KRS-One
(here we go...)

"Yo" --> Mobb Deep 
"And my name is Rakim..." --> The R
(repeat 5X)

Yo, the saga begins, my eyes is the photography lens
Properly push pens, and show quality gems
The horrors be grim, but yo maybe tomorrow we win
If we follow the trends and keep count of the dollars we spend
I want a mahogany Benz, I want lottery ends
I want property, friends, plus my hobby is skins
If I decide we in sin, then my prophesy ends
But the God'll begin, watchin my odyssey spin
in the place where war be, based on a true story
Territory was made for me to pursue glory
Blast alone masses in zones have to be sewn
Every capacity blown, I'm internationally known, yo

        *Chorus A*
So all hail the honorable, microphone phenomenal
Persona is invulnerable, trust me son
I continue like a saga do, bringin you the drama to
allow you that the chronicle has just begun

        *Chorus B*
"The saga begins" --> Mobb Deep
"The soul controller, Rakim" --> Rakim
"Set it off... yo, the saga begins" --> Mobb Deep
"Still say a rhyme after the next one" --> Rakim
(repeat 2X except 8th line is "You know that I'm the soloist" --> Rakim)

Yo, my never-ending epic, got the world spinning hectic
I quickly spread it, till the whole city's infected
Suspense that I supply intensify
Then commence as my daily events go by
You get involved in this, paragraphologist
Narratin novelist, market this, sound marvelous
I'm the star in this, which means the author's authentic
Most definite, every episode's a epidemic
So when you research, check it, here go the evidence
They represent with lyrical negligence for presidents
My science existed, without the fiction
Every inscription is a special edition

        *Chorus A*, *Chorus B*

Yo, the legacy lives, let em see what the pedigree is
Mega-thesis, blessin these kids with extra features
The depth's deep as, the deepest sea is
Telepathy increases melody gets speakers, telekinesis
Ideas appear as clear as, pictures in movie theaters
Lyrics you hear it, devestating the way you ear it
So stay tuned for sequels, part two's and more
So soon you and your peoples can bumrush the store
The names have changed the game remain the same
How one came to reign on his claim to fame
No stoppin this I'm droppin this with hip-hop in this
And when the topic is topicless, then I'm writing the apocalypse

        *Chorus A*, *Chorus B*

*variations of Chorus B to fade*