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Artist: Rakim
Album:  The Seventh Seal
Song:   Still in Love
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("Still in love" repeated through out entire song)

Hey yo, every time I hear some real hip hop man
I start thinking, I'92m still in love man, listen

I'm in the booth like prison, (?)
If music's like women, I'm whipped like a nymph 
I love to keep it pushing, like the bass and speakers
Love hearing real hip hop, and making heaters
Born entertainer, armed with the flamer
If they bust shots, when they come on, its a banger
The place will lose it, (?) shaking to it
True gangster music, screw face included
Macho lingo, the beat will remind you
Of the quatro cinco, or Cinco de Mayo
Put it in your car, turn the sound sky high
Drive down the block, sound like a drive-by
Keep chicks moving, heat keep them open
Put them in the mood, and they leave something broken
DJ set the scene true it in the club, soundtrack for the hood
(?) music from a thug

I told you, I'm still in love baby

Beat drop heavy every rhyme one ton
Streets not ready hurry, nine one one
Spot get frantic, too late to panic
(?) y'all, they can't stop from hitting the planet
Inside a nigga moral, Saddam and Osama, the horror
Without the bomb and (?)
Spitting at a show performing, vocals are swarming
Flow for flow like it's global-warming
I flood the market out I'm over your head now
Roll the carpet out, the drought's over and dead now
When I kill a track, the true stories
The cause of euphoria, the thriller's back
Next flow level, hip hop lover
Dress code ghetto, (?)
Just an artist trying to rep the hardest
And make history, so not even death could part us, it's love
I'm still in love baby, still in love

It's the god Rakim, they know I get it in
They pull me back in, I'm going back in
Spitting fire, ghetto music
Getting higher like the drug therapeutic
Hooked like an addict, strung like sex
Look I gotta have it, it alleviates stress
Quick as marijuana, settle in the brain
Needle hit the record like heroin the vein
Blood start flowing, adrenaline rush
Love start jonesing, school yard crush
Ra still fiending, still MC'ing
Raw deals and G'ing, broods still (?)
It's that dude, yeah it's that sick
Spit that too, talk that shhhh
And wait '91til the lights go off the show start
That's when it's time for Ra to go off

I told you I'm still in love, always was}