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Artist: Eric B and Rakim
Album:  Don't Sweat the Technique
Song:   Relax With Pep

Relax with pep

My styles will move
I'm calm but deadly, heat up but cool
I'm rough as a right hook but still look smooth
Even when I'm unseen, I show and prove
Women, I give 'em pain and still soothe
As I 'll put you down ?(when them)?, hard to put up wit
Swell up like helium but I can make you fit
I'm taking what I want and make you wanna give it here
Provoking you to flaunt, you get the idea
Got it, gone, my schedule is packed
My day is lay back 'cause I'm ahead of all that
Then I can relax 'cause I'm before my time
I hand you a manual before the rhymes
So you can catch up and keep up and move right alone
The day is kind of off but I can get it on
I'm taking it step by step and when the night is in depth
It's cool 'cause I'm relax wit pep
Relax wit pep
Relax wit pep

I inchant a riot wit a quiet storm
Is it the way I parlay or the knowledge being born
All praise due to the magnificient, most high and magnificient
From him, I was sent wit intent to invent
New ways for better displays, for better days
No more crimes, I got rhymes and it pays
I'm prepared to take mine and get mine
And I can protect mine even wit a rhyme or a nine
A silent rage but ?(I'm amplified)?
Rhymes multiply, it's hard to provoke when I
Put a mode in effect, the episode's correct
Reload and you don't know code to respect
I get swift and change a rule, adapt the master
But still remainable, rap gets faster
Reacts and projects and tracks and it get
To the max, it's in depth, it attacks but it's relax wit pep
Relax wit pep
Relax wit pep, relax wit pep

Check one, them I'm a check another one, two
The R's brand new so you can view a view
I got equisite, exhibit, explizzit
Is it a whiz kid or kid quiz it, well is it
Relax, I'll track out, lap the halpf stepper
Here come the right one baby and Dr. Pepper
So check the wreck up scale rhymes overload
Blow up and explode, abrupt and reload the code
You can't pinpoint a low cape, the rape
Or evaluate the up to date, skate
Up front, laid back, coming off on track
Girls want some of this  because I'm all of that
Sweat the concept as the ?(epps)? in depth
As the track is kept, you can't intercept the step
React and projects and it tracks and it gets
To the max and in depth, it attacks but it's relax wit pep
Relax wit pep
Relax wit pep, it's relax wit pep