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Artist: Eric B. and Rakim
Album:  Don't Sweat the Technique
Song:   What's On Your Mind

I seen her in the subway, on my way to Brooklyn
Hello, good looking, is this seat tooken
On the A-train, picking at her brain
I couldn't get her number, I couldn't get her name
I said  I still like your style of fashion
But I hate your hostile, 'itty attitude wit a passion
Is it because brothers like to hawk alot
Is it because your sign don't talk alot
She turned away, no play, I said ok
You don't really look good, I hope you have a bad day
Sat back, relaxed though the ride was tight
I was thinking of the rhymes I wrote last night
Next stop was mine, a familar scene
I was meeting my friend, killer Ben in Ft Green
Where the girls are real, they tell ya how they feel
If you're soft, you're soft, or if you're hard like steel
See i don't bend and I won't rust
And I don't break and I won't bust
Stomped up the street and did I hear a treat?
Hard high heels tappin' on the concrete
I took a peek, it was the girl from the train behind me
Did she live in the area, was she trying to find me?
Hm, I didn't wanna play myself out
I played it off, stopped and I bought a Guiness Stout
Now was she shy, she didn't walk by
She came in the store then she even said hi
Curiosity- at a high velocity
Maybe possibly she had the hots for me
i said if we're playing games then we're gonna play mine
I'm a lay the rules 'cause it ain't much time
If you hide your feelings, and they hard to find,
I wanna know what's on your mind


About a week went by and I called her, "Hello"
I said yo, can I speak to, um, she said no
Hey yo, I know I didn't call, I didn't wanna stress you
Go out my way to impress you, press to undress you
See I wanna get to know you so I can show you
What a strong relationship can grow to
But you gotta trust me and you're gonna love me
Squeeze the phone and hug me, use your mind to rub me
Now how does it feel when my mental, massage ya temple
Telephone's hot from the vibes that I sent you
Now tell me your inner thoughts and deepest emotions
Next you see ectacy's explosions
Now I'm coming to see you to spend some time
I'm a romantic warrior but is it a crime
And if you hide your feelings and they hard to find...

I wanna know what's on your mind
I wanna know what's on your mind

Now it's been months and it's smooth and lovely
I'm in your head so you'll be thinking of me
So we met in Queens and went to Valley Streams
And, uh, couldn't remember the movie we just seen
But it's Wednesday, take the train uptown
How do the 125th street sound

Amateur night, Showtime at the Apollo
Probably be watching Bill Cosby tomorrow
Then after that get into it, I mean intimate
Every word is an instrument
Making sounds and tones and songs and moans
My lips so close to your ear, it's like headphones
You smile, you said you never know what the day will bring
It's always a new song to sing
The next day I went back to the her rest
Knocked on the door, intentions:  finesse
She let me in and had nothing but a neglige on
Smelling like Liz Claiborne
I sat down and got comfortable and watched the Huxtables
She sat next to me and said what's up wit you
I got the feeling for sexual healing
A mental healing ;  how you feeling
She caught the effect and said she feel the same
Could you massage my intellect and stop the pain
Desire's yearning, the fire's burning
You hot 'cause it's alot you're learning
Now I'm ready to explore you inner world
It's take a long time cuz I'm just beginning, girl...
Take it easy, cut off the TV
Cut off the lights, use your mind to see me,
Use your physical form if I'm hard to find
'Cause now I know what's on your mind...
'Cause now I know what's on your mind...