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Artist: Eric B. & Rakim
Album:  Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em
Song:   Keep 'Em Eager to Listen
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Me and the rap's laid back
Nonchalant and relaxed in the track
Put together well, so it ain't hard to tell
Easy to recognize, so my records'll sell
On the microphone, well known with a low tone
Show and prove when the stage show is shown
All you hear is screams when I'm hit by the laser beams
Ladies fiend, rappers are choosin up teams
So who could beat up, just before we meet up
Before I kick a rhyme, I kick my feet up
to let you know, everything's under control
Under surveillance, takin over your soul
So let me handle this, gettin scandalous
All my jams are hits, never plan to miss
Crowd is captured, released at my permission
Peep em, as I, keep em eager to listen

Opponents are found paralyzed from the mic down
Left with a little sight ears still hear the sound
Try to clear your mind but it's still there
Give him about a year, then give him a wheelchair
I damage and deteriorate, til your brain dead
No huss cuss what I discuss'll bust his head
Here's some hearin aids when your eardrums fail
You get scars, so you could read it in braille
Close your third eye, then I do body work
And I keep the same procedure til somebody's hurt
My DJ'll sew up cuts like an M.D.
And I still move crowds like an M.C.
Entertain and tear you out of your frame
Leave you in a puddle of blood, then let it rain
Then I get deep, so try to withstand
on my level to think, or sink like quicksand
He couldn't hang, so I cut the rope short
Watchin em fall, cause they need more support
This is the way that I done, all of my competition
Peep em, as I, keep em eager to listen

Keep em eager to listen

The performance I give em is, somethin like a hypnotism
Swingin back and forth, til you can keep the rhythm
At the tone of my voice, you will become
eager to listen dance in a trance til you see the
R on stage, no cheers, all ears
All three of your eyes on me, so it appears
just like you thought it would be, but even better
Live and direct on stage, instead of the
radio or video or studio rehearsin
I'm at my best in the flesh in person
The main attraction, center of attention
The crowd'll go crazy, soon as I mention
it's time to communicate, so let's conversate
I get my point across, when you respond I make sense
So now we could continue the mission
As I, keep em eager to listen

As I, keep em eager to listen

I used to always say one day
I'll play in the NBA cause I'll slay
opponents well, and also excel
as a black quarterback in the NFL
I throw to score so I can hear the crowd roar
Keep em, out of they seats and on the floor
And when I win, it'll pump my adrenaline
My record is undefeated, and I'll win again
I'll never lose or hear boos from the audience
cause they participate, and applaud me since
I bring em what they want to hear
And they'll fill up the atmopshere
with people that came to party, and have a good time
So when I'm gone, I'm sure, you understood the rhyme
Because I promise to accomplish the mission
Cause I, keep em eager to listen