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Artist: Eric B. & Rakim
Album:  Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em
Song:   Set 'Em Straight
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I came to set em straight, and let em know
Whoever's holdin the best, just let him go
Cause here's the inside scoop on the fiend
They wanna know why I'm seldom seen
Cause who needs the TV screens and magazines
or shootin through the city in fly limousines
There's one thing I don't like, it's the spotlight
.. cause I already got light
They be like, "Yo we had a get together last week
and we know everyone was there except the Black Sheik"
Because my schedule is tight, I gotta write
I'm deep in the archives, and keepin em hyped
It's been a long time, since you heard a strong rhyme
None of these are weak so when you bite on mine
we can trace the hits and then name that style
MC'sll be out of a job for a while
I reposess your indentification
So hand in your application
Put your mic on strike until you're unemployed
Contract is up and I'm stampin it void
Your selection ain't that selective
So I'ma put you in your proper perspective
On the dancefloor, and doin the SHAKE
Ready to let em brake, set em straight

Somebody said I set em up and pulled the plug on em
But instead I let em go on so I could bug on em
Go 'head and flow, cause I close the show
Swing a song for the ladies and rhyme real slow
For instance.. once I commence..
.. the crowd is convinced
So now you know who to put your money on
Hurry up, before your money's gone
Cause I'm the most common denominator
Orchestrate a rhyme much greater
I'm like a world almanac, so tell the media
Givin em information like encyclopedia
So bring a dictionary, so you can look it up
so you know what I mean, when I hook it up
No misconceptions although I complicate
but this concept'll set em straight
They even said that I was locked in jail
So now I guess I'm out on bail?
The only Island I was on was the Strong one
And if I did my bid, it'll be a long one
Cause if I sold weight, I'd be upstate
in the penile, waitin for a brake
Cause sellin drugs is for handicaps
I got too many skills besides bustin rough raps
If I go to jail, it won't be for sellin ki's
It'll be for muderin MC's
The beat'll take over your heart, then I start
to cut em in half, cause rhymes are razor sharp
Secure the exits, all MC's remain
Cause we got a crowd to entertain
And I know, when I go, I'll flow dangerous
Brain'sll bust, what you tryin to explain to us?
You got lost, and couldn't go on
Came up short, so here's one to grow on
Elevate off a high IQ
In time, you'll find I'm true
Cause once I start on a piece of art
from sun to moon and light to dark I build the Ark
Now you can float off the rhymes I wrote
I'm sure that we'll hit shore without a boat
You could bring a battleship and still get shipwrecked
Attacked with a torpedo, what did you expect?
Driftin up the creek, without a beat or a paddle
Castaway on a raft and stand fragile
Rescue your crowd, which ain't a hard job
Me and my knowledge put together, I'm a lifeguard
Dealin with actual facts it sold out fat
here and now, but I go so far back
to bring you up to date, so we can elevate
It's no time to wait, or anticipate
Cause I'm never late, I'm gonna motivate
So I can let em brake, and set em straight