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Artist: (Nigo f/) Rakim
Album:  Shadow of the Ape Sounds
Song:   Once Upon a Rhyme in Japan
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[ VERSE 1: Rakim ]
Aiyo, once upon a rhyme, but way across the maps and seas
In a time that's hard, all we have is dreams
In a place surrounded by casualties
B-boys and girls wear caps and jeans
They have to fiend, infected by rap's disease
But prepared to die for all of rap's beliefs
They love real hip-hop, real tracks and MC's
And can't stand cats that like to rap for cheese
It ain't all about the gat to squeeze
VS-1's or SUV's or even stacks of g's
They love thuggin but still they like to catch a breeze
They love clubbin so they go and crash the scene
Where the queens treat their men like kings, Your Majesties
DJ's trickery spins the wax with ease
On the dancefloor spinnin on they backs and freeze
Where MC's kick rhymes in Japanese

[ CHORUS: Rakim (2X) ]
So Japan
Let me see you wave your hand
Yo Japan
Let me see you wave your hand
It's the J to the a to the p-a-n
The R to the a to the k-i-m

[ VERSE 2: Rakim ]
They said, "I heard Ra was comin to town I hope he'll show
We know he can flow, open the show so he can blow for Tokyo"
Nobody shut the whole town down since Godzilla
Think of the sickest thing you even seen - Ra's iller
I brought the drama for Yokohama, I rock a party
For Osaka and Hiroshima and Nagasaki
( ?? ) until they hear us over in Russia
Yo, who's that clutchin the mic, the club rusher
The man you've been askin for after all
You can't ask for more, it's the ambassador
Rap's diplomat with Japan's welcome mat
Rap well over tracks, I get welcomed back
It's a honor that I'm the one you'd call to rhyme
So when I write I'ma always keep y'all in mind
And I'ma keep spittin like this all the time
But right now this is the time for y'all to shine


[ VERSE 3: Rakim ]
[ Japanese ], rock the instrumentals
Think I hear one now, stop the limo
Roll down the window and follow the Indo
Women go, "Ooh ah [ Japanese ] there Rakim go"
Do I love the way y'all get down? Man, listen
This is the land of the turntable technicians
With a can graffiti artists can make a wall glisten
And rhymes, it's a whole new language that y'all spittin
I told my peeps in New York City that y'all ghetto
I told Cali to spread the world: y'all thorough
From Chi-Town and the Dirty South they all shouted
Told my rollies down in New Orleans that y'all bout it
And peace to N-i-g-o, you move crowds
To my man with the magic marker, Futura 2 thou
We all make sure it's new styles to learn
Until then - Rakim shall return