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Artist: Random & K-Murdock
Album:  Forever Famicom
Song:   Drop the Load (8-Bit Remix)
Typed by: & OHHLA

I got a beef with alla y'all
Big name, big budget, video game distributors
If, technology keeps advancing
Why is it that the quality of the games
and the sturdiness of the systems, keeps decreasing?
That's all I wanna know~! I got beef with y'all
Somebody tell 'em

Drop the load {*8X*}

Aiyyo when I, was a, little kid, playin games, in the crib
Guess I took for granted the time it took, to get it in
Power on, game start in twenty seconds flat
Shoot, 2600 games took less than that
Man I can't seem to manage, never, understood the fact
The more powerful the system, it's a, bigger piece of crap
Commodore 64, had a game called Ultima
I could fix dinner in the time it took to load it up
Wing Commander 3, although I never ever tried it
Installation took an hour, so no, I wasn't buyin it
Man I miss the cartridge, them joints were sturdy
Now you get a disc read error if it's a little dirty
I used to stack my carts up and built forts with 'em
Dropkick 'em with G.I. Joes, then put 'em in the system
Power on and they work perfectly without a hiccup
If you feelin like I'm feelin say it with me now get up and


Had a, 360, three years, three red rings
Had a, NES forever, never, had to, fix a thing
Used to love Soldier of Fortune, blowin cats apart
But I could make a cake in the time it took for it to start
So traded in my 'Station, then I copped a 64
But when I saw how much the games cost my jaw hit the floor
70 bucks for Superman, well, I just got paid
Little, did I know, that was the, worst game that was, ever made
And I was workin at Toys R Us, my job was to sell
So I couldn't tell you that joint was corny as hell
Moved on to PS2 when I heard the news of Metal Gear Solid 2
And I remember, that joint was cool
But when I beat it, all that I, remembered, ever, sayin
was I spent more time on cutscenes than actually, playin
Made me wish I never gave away my old joints
This is my whole point, can I get a witness, to say it with me?

[Chorus] - 2X

I stand before you as one
One of many, one of the millions
Who waited and waited for this game to come out
Waited and waited to get the money to buy it
Who waited and waited in traffic to ride home and get it
Who waited and waited, to turn the game on after work
And then we WAIT AND WAIT to get into the action!
And you with the unskippable promos
The cutscenes that will not end
I saw 'em already~!!!
I died, I had to do the level over again!
Okay, my bad!
But why do I have to watch your cutscene again?
And again? AND AGAIN?!
Man, drop the load!