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Artist: Random & K-Murdock
Album:  Forever Famicom
Song:   Epoch
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[Verse 1]
The dark sider, strider, mach rider
tomb raider, tune slayer soul survivor
I wear a halo but more like a dark angel
I'm the king of the fighters, my fury is fatal
god of war like the mighty thor, you a dinosaur
extinct-tryna find a link to the past
I crack down on wack clowns, and make em back down
no more heroes - cuz they don't wanna rap now
keep my metal gear solid--my modern warfare
cast dark clouds every several years
you could never question my dedication
the beat resonatin while I'm awaitin ya resignation
since I was a cadet, every last cassette
I record, had to hit em wit a mass effect
while record execs recycling schemes
sellin dreams to scores of little micro machines
without a major deal still display the skill
rhymes remain sharp like blades of steel
I rampage the stage I'm so official
make arch rivals double dribble so the ref blow the whistle
It's like a duck hunt, I hold the pistol
bomberman big ran wielding contra-banned
in ten states for bein unusually brutally
take 2 or 3 crews wit me musically compose beautifully
get ya paperboy, but we aint dancin
too many maniacs in the mansion
couldnt stop it if you pop it
we Bubble Bobble in the StarTropics, we gotta get the profits
a far cry from the small fries
now how you feel, duct taped in the middle of silent hill
you aint nearly as advanced as me
so this is the last battle, your final fantasy

My time is now, and my moment is here
I don't know any fears, so just open ya ears
from the clubs to the cons, my buzz is the bomb
even thugs on the grind, showing love to the rhyme

My time is now, and my moment is here
I don't know any fears, so just open ya ears
from the clubs to the cons, my buzz is the bomb
everybody on line showin' love to the rhyme

[Verse 2]
It's the overlord, man over board when I record
my writin is ninja gaiden-lightnin
my mic source drainin ya life force
ring king southpaw but watch for the right cross
aint no options when you in the shotgun
you a wild gunman say hi to the top gun
It's deja vu, cuz Ran's back in ya face boul,
or we can turn the system up and make it a base (bass) war
commit mad crimes never see no bid
stack chips like a casino kids -in vegas dreams
trust I got the MUSCLE to touch you, I been a G
DJs say my records got legs like millipedes
I slap earth wind fire and ice out of rappers
for tryna say that Ran aint nice
cuz I'm immortal and its more than a word
we can take it outside and go one on one like jordan and bird
kid kool, I skip school, still spit jewels,
I'm too hot, aint no safe place or cool spot,
you a blabbermouth, tell me what you mad about,
we can have it out, turn the stage to a splatterhouse
archetype and the prototype when I hold the mic
they like true, I'm dynamite duke
I'm fresh and def-he rhymed, then Ran left
stole the show, they callin it grand theft
the law cant concern me, I'm a hundred and 0
represented by an Ace Attorney
parties I turn out then burn out
do the knowledge I'm what ya need to learn bout
nobody move till I say so get the pesos
hells angel last remnant of saints row
I blaze blue and stay true I'm past ya speed
adhere to the rap assasins creed