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Artist: Random & K-Murdock
Album:  Forever Famicom
Song:   Forever
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[Verse 1]
Didn't have to wear a tuxedo to touch people
never moved rock, wasnt trying to see Judge Ito
If it don't fit you musta quit it
but if I do fit you musta did it, I wasnt wit it
Focused on my love for hip hop, wouldnt flip flop to
get props, just try to keep it fresh like a Ziploc
Similar to the games of yesterday
I blow the dust away they still fresh today
reminisce to the first day I set it up
way past bedtime, wouldnt stop playing till I leveled up
fingers blistered suffering from fat-i-gue
then teachers wonder why I had a bad attitude
head of the class like Hessman in '86
Regrettably passed the freshmen that gave me fits
but they all come back, glad that I taught em
i support em, even though they tend to fall like autumn
Back in the 80's when it begun
recall, in DC, rocking a T, "Run Jesse Run"
Galactus tactics, require strait jackets
to skip the viruses, installed the patches
we took the scenic route to find the fundamentals
ink is my drink too, so this ain't coincidental
K-Murdock made the Call to Mega Ran
we veterans, goin strong til Forever, man

Might not be real, who knows what's real
but they will never know, what keeps us together
I know we're young, I know we're young
But if we've come this far
We'll be here forever

[Verse 2]
Pause-- Oh yeah - let me continue
The game don't stop another day another venue
if they made a game of all the stuff I been through
That jawn would be rated m, I say again
first they'd drop you in the middle of the hood
With no communication skills so you couldn't be understood
Only 1 life and no save slots
your enemies and party members would live on the same block
and ya HP and MP is dang near empty and you can't max out
no battery backup, so if you back out
gotta start it all over again fresh, you'd probably be impressed
how I managed to cheat death, and make it out the hood with no regrets
and I gotta thank that little grey box with the red light
dead right in front of you I spent every night


[Verse 3]
I'm from where adolescents peddle coke in their coat
Tote hammers, quick to let the metal smoke
So pay attention in the presence of professionals
See I'm just speaking my mind, I gotta let you know
We gotta separate the real from the artificial
The chrome 9 double m's from the starter pistols
American gamer, never will change up
We're level 99, try stepping your game up
No matter what, we refuse to stop
Even if the dough's slow, like it's screwed and chopped
I gotta keep it real, most of these dude's ain't hot
I only stand up and clap when your music stops
Trying to rule the block? We're after the globe
I should host a video called "when rappers explode"
'cause I ain't here for the platinum and gold
Take life by the horns, we just grab the control, yeah!

[Chorus and ad libs]