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Artist: Random & K-Murdock f/ Matt Howatt
Album:  Forever Famicom
Song:   Galaxies
Typed by: & OHHLA

[Intro: Matt Howatt]
The galaxy, is at peace

Stays online like I stays on the grind
Rain or shine +Forever+ it's +Famicom+
Top dog, Mega Ran, Sakamoto
Pop off when the fans snap a photo
Put 'em on the flyer, spit it through the wire
The muck and the mire, spit it to inspire
Never will retire, keep the fans waitin
Do it 'til I'm in suspended animation
... Live from SR-388
Prayin Ran don't get dropped like baby weight
I leave 'em shocked like 808's
And heartbreak, probly never shoulda gave me space
Now I take off, comin with a great force
Ran Brind'Amour winnin all face offs
And I give 'em more, make 'em all break North
Crack a smile on a gain or a great loss
Caise no matter what I count it all joy
I recall sittin on the floor playin with my toys
Not a care in the world I was just a lil boy
Meanwhile momma stressin out cause she was unemployed
We maintained in the darkest world
Me and Justin Bailey and the Narpas sword
Brinstar, Norfair, trapped up in warfare
Hit lands only cat with heart explored
Life hit hard like a death in the family
Spit bars pray that Death understand me
Mini-boss like a Ridley, Kraid
So I give my all when I hit the stage
Engage, hope it get me saved
and while I'm here I hope it gets me paid
So I gotta flood 'em mayne, sorta like a hurricane
I was gettin bored with rap but found another lane
We all struggling
But I'ma keep the cannon cocked until I reach that Mother Brain
High jump boots, Varia suit
Screw attack, doin backhands in the booth
Truth in Tourian, play 'em like accordions
Couldn't even afford it then but moms still brought it in
NES raps, wish I woulda thought of them
Energy tanks is full, man we sure to win

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
If, I - never sell a million records
Or, I - never woulda been respected
I, still - put my life on the
Rhyme, skills - barefoot walkin through the
Mine, field - long as it's in me
I'ma spit like a semi-automatic 'til it's empty and
I, swore - never to forget what I
Rhyme, for - leave it on the floor


[Outro: Matt Howatt]
The galaxy, is at peace {*echoes*}