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Artist: Random
Album:  Mega Ran
Song:   The Continuation
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Last week on Mega Ran
Our hero had been bitten by the love bug
The object of his desire? The lovely, Kalinka
However; after things appeared to be going so smoothly
(Gotta do something) Mega Ran was DUMPED~!
And now, we bring you, the continuation

What could I do? She made it clear
I was gon' have to choose her, or my career
But nah, I can't go out like that
I'm down but not out man I gots to fight back
So now I gotta get to her crib
But one problem - she never told me where she lived
And Dr. Light's like 'It's probably for the best'
Wily's on the attack, I don't need mo' stress
I hate when he's right, but he always is
Ever since I was a little Mega Kid
Truth is, I need to drop it like a hot potato
The briefin is tonight he need to give me lots of data
He said he's working on a special project
with Dr. Cossack - wait a minute, got it! {*snaps finger*}
It's only logic, if I'm cool with Cossack
I can get him convincin Kalinka that I'm honest
I met him, and he seemed real cordial
He told me - "My daughter's not the best person for you!"
I said I'm sorry that you feel that way
Maybe I can get a chance to convince you someday
The meeting's over, so everybody left
All the personnel files sittin on the desk
Should be under arrest for what I did next
I snuck in his file and I found his address
Then went to the rest, scoped out the premises
Low-level security, should be able to enter it
And I'm in it in less than five minutes
Can't believe I'm doin this but I can't let him ruin this!
I thought of Plan B on the fly
She can tell him that I'm gone and see me on the side
But that's when I had to decide
I was gon' be straight up, I had nothin to hide
And I was leavin - but then I found pictures of us
And transcripts detailin everything we discussed
Thought we was down, thought we had trust
I can't believe it - this chick set me up!

{Sorry, but I did warn you! *echoes*}
{I hate to say I told you so but... I told you so~!}