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Artist: Random f/ Side Effect
Album:  Mega Ran 9
Song:   Get Equipped
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Side Effect]
Yo, aiyyo
Watch me do my thing, the kid is so raw
Come up in the ring reversin the figure four
on some Ric Flair, spit rare, ball do damage
You'll probably see a Muslim eat a pulled pork sandwich
before you see the God get lethargic and famish
My show is like magic cause I get dough and vanish
Don't make me start disrespectin you fam
Battle me that's 'bout as fun as a rectal exam
With a mic I'm like damn, I gotta brag again
Flames shootin out my hand like I'm Magma Man
See I'm raw as they come at war with the drum
And I go into a frenzy when you pour in the chum
I serve rappers like a bed & breakfast
I don't care who record label logo hang on your necklace
Side Effect, the name is divine
I'ma throwback in this game like Mega Man 9

Aiyyo let that man shine, gimme room like a Travelodge
Whole catalogue name brand like a cattleprod
Me and Side like the livest of Uptown
Had to connect with the boy when I touched down
Hold a bomb like Galaxy Man (you challenged me fam?)
You must be from Fallacy Land (yo Mega Ran)
So re-cognize the guys right in front of you
Kid you on the way out like W.
Oliver Stone, get the robots to follow you home
Hold a mic to the side of your dome - we after ya
Another Keystone massacre
I'm on the top of the hill like Sebathia
C.C. see me or come back like karma
The way I line 'em up and fade 'em shoulda been a barber
Harbor ability then use it against you
My mental ginsu will rip through tissue
I'm Adamantium, I can't be undone
Fall back, we the champions dunn
You never seen champions run, lest the second turn
I'ma let it burn, chalk it up as a lesson learned

Get equipped, get a grip, we about to let it rip fam
Get grands, gotta hold it down like kickstands
Got game, got mics, got this, spit it sick
Penmanship, let it rip, get equipped!